Hi friends!

Today I’m here to share a little blog love. The premise of this post is inspired by Cortni, the blogger behind YakkaFIT. Cortni has been an F&F reader for a while and has participated in some of my past fitness challenges. She recently reached out to me to tell me about a monthly link up she hosts called 10 on the 10th. Cortni created 10 on the 10th to help join all different types of bloggers in various niches over a common love… of lists! LOVE lists, so clearly I’m down.

10 on the 10th


For my first 10 on the 10th post, I’m listing 10 food blogs I’m loving lately. As a blogger, I think it’s really important to recognize the bloggers you appreciate and spread blog love! Also, a couple of different readers have recently asked me for recommendations for food bloggers I follow that post recipes that use whole and nutritious foods instead of processed crap. You may recognize some of these names from links I share in my weekly Friday Favorites series. Enjoy!

10 Food Blogs I’m Loving Lately 

1. The Almond Eater
I stumbled upon Erin’s blog a couple of months ago and have been hooked ever since. I bookmark almost every single recipe she posts because they are all up my alley, and her photos always look awesome! On Valentine’s Day, I made her Paleo strawberry brownies . This is probably super creepy, but I feel like we would be friends in real life. Totes awk, I know.

2. Cotter Crunch
Lindsay is a nutrition specialist, and she shares the most creative gluten free recipes on her blog. One of my absolute favorite recipes of Lindsay’s are her white chocolate chip cranberry pumpkin bars. They seem to constantly reappear in our home! Her husband is a professional triathlete from New Zealand, and I also enjoy reading about their adventures together.

White Chocolate Cranberry Pumpkin Bars

3. Cookie and Kate
Kate is a blogger who shares vegetarian recipes on her blog that use fresh, whole ingredients. Every month she posts a “What’s in Season” produce guide with lots of info and sample recipes, and I always find them so helpful! The fact that she is a self taught cook AND photographer is pretty awesome (and motivating). 

4. The Minimalist Baker
I recommend this blog for those looking to keep cooking simple! John and Dana the husband and wife team behind The Minimalist Baker, and their philosophy is to share recipes that fall into one of three categories: require 10 ingredients or less, require only one bowl, or require less than thirty minutes to make. Their simplistic approach in the kitchen also carries over to other areas of their lives, and it’s inspiring!

5. Love and Lemons
Jeanine is the main voice behind Love and Lemons, and she posts mainly plant based recipes. Her goal is to help her readers get creative with vegetables no matter what their diet is, and I love that! Her pictures are gorgeous too. Lately Tim and I have been obsessed with her spinach, carrot, and millet patties!


6. Hummasapien
First of all, amazing blog name. Second of all, amazing philosophy: “With a little avocado, [a lot of] dark chocolate, and a huge tub of hummus, there’s nothing we can’t do!” Alexis is a registered dietician, she’s really funny (check out her confessions of a food blogger post!), and her approach to healthy eating and food is a lot like my own.

7. Yeah… Immaeatthat
Another amazing blog name. Also, story of my life. On this blog, Kylie writes about balancing making healthier (but still craveable) home cooked meals with her love of going out to eat. She is a dietetic intern and MPH candidate set to graduate in the spring of this year. Check out her healthier nacho recipe – love!

8. Slim Sanity
Alysia writes about a lot of different healthy living topics, but healthy recipes are her main focus. Tim and I have made a couple of her side dishes now, and they are simple to make but still delicious! My favorite are these honey roasted carrots. We love them with steak!

Honey Roasted Carrots

9. PaleOMG
Here’s one for your Paleo lovers. Juli is the voice behind this blog, and she shares her weekly workouts, fashion finds, and mainly Paleo recipes. I love that she is true to herself and sticks to her beliefs, even when that means sharing something that isn’t perfectly Paleo. Because really, who is perfect? Where’s the fun in that? The most life changing recipe I’ve found on this blog is this almost five ingredient pizza spaghetti pie.

10. MeaninGFul Eats
Clever! This is a gluten free blog, and Erin also posts a lot of dairy free and refined sugar free recipes too. I always search this blog when meal planning, and I absolutely love her creative gluten free spins on breakfast, breads, muffins, etc. My go to zucchini muffin recipe is from this blog! They’re amazing.

Readers, let’s chat! What are your favorite food blogs? What do you look for in a food blogger? Do you ever read a blog and think you could be friends with the blogger in real life?