Hey there.

Some random things from my day:

  • I ate 948293827 servings of Pretzel Crisps.  Seriously, I couldn’t stop today.  I don’t regret it.
  • I went on a tweeting spree.  Do you follow me on Twitter?  If not, you probably should.
  • Another article of mine was featured on Around the Plate today!  This one is called “Is Your Job Sabotaging Your Health?”  Click over to this link to read my 8 tricks on working healthier and feeling better between 9 and 5.
  • If anyone is still interested in guest posting for me, let me know by the end of this week!  I still have a few slots left!
  • I made a theme playlist for tonight.  Excited.

That’s about it.

Moving on….

You never regret a workout.

As you can imagine, this is one of my favorite fitness quotes!  And I love it because it’s so true.  Any bit of exercise is better than no exercise, right?!

If you are someone who has an “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to fitness, please realize that living with an all or nothing mentality can be harmful to your goals.  Nothing in life is perfect, and this is true when it comes to exercise as well.  Your workouts will not always be perfect.  There are going to be some days where you feel on top of the world, and you have both the energy and the time to rock a two-hour workout.  But there will be other days where life just gets in the way.  When you do find yourselves in the middle of one of these days, please realize that a little bit is better than nothing at all.  10 minutes of moving is better than zero.  A 20 minute low intensity gym session is better than pushing yourself TOO hard when you just aren’t feeling 100% or when you simply don’t have the time.  And it’s certainly better than doing nothing.

Because doing nothing burns zero calories you know.  And even just THINKING about going — that still burns zero calories.  Just saying.

This past Saturday, I had big plans to make it over to CBC for Erin’s 9am Cutz class.  But you know what?  My body just needed the sleep and when I woke up, I thought it was more important to lounge and relax a bit than to rush to be ready for 8:30am and drive over to Somerville.  When I finally did get out of bed, I was bummed I wouldn’t have time for a super long workout, but I reminded myself of my favorite workout mantra.

And then I got busy in my living room.

20 Minute Total Body Express Workout

I was happy I was able to get my heart rate up and move a bit before hitting the road for Steph & Brett’s wedding that day.  I definitely did NOT pay attention to calories the rest of the weekend, so being able to sneak in this express workout made all the difference for me.

I literally did all these moves one after another with no rest in between.  If you do need to rest between moves, this will take you longer than 20 minutes!  As always, please honor your bodies and adapt to your own levels of fitness.  Also, if you are doing this at home you will need a set of dumbbells.

I definitely didn’t regret this 20 minute sweat sesh!  I was huffing and puffing into the shower by the end.  Note:  I saved on time by stretching in the shower!  Anyone else do that?  Shaving the legs makes a great hammy stretch.  TMI?  Oh well.

What do you guys do when you are running short on time for workouts?

Off to make my return to Two A Day Tuesday!  YAY!