Last weekend we held a Spin-A-Thon at the Oak Square Y.

Oak Square Y Spin A Thon

Participants could sign up to spin for one, two, or three hours total.  There were definitely some that stuck it out for all three hours, which was awesome!  We had oranges, bananas, granola bars, and water bottles to keep people going throughout the event.  We also had several raffle prizes we gave away throughout the three hours to keep things fun and everyone motivated.  A huge thank you to Fiorella’s Express and Marathon Sports for donating gift cards to our raffle!  We also gave away a free one month membership to the Y, three free personal training sessions, and one free small group training class session.

Raffle Winners

Our instructor volunteers paired off to tag-team teach by the hour.  Nicole & Ed taught at 9, Caitlin & Evelyn at 10, and Kelly & Lauren finished things off with an “Idols” playlist (hint – Madonna, MJ, etc.) to keep everyone pushing through that last hour.

Spin Instructors

I was a little nervous about how successful our event would be, but we ended up with a full house despite having to reschedule due to Nemo the weekend before.  I couldn’t have done it without my partner in crime!

Me & Lauren

There’s nothing like the satisfying feeling of a job well done.  Thanks everyone who helped out and participated!

Have you ever participated in a Spin A Thon before, or a similar type of fitness event?  When’s the last time you “just felt good” after accomplishing something?

Hope everyone’s weekends wind down nicely today!