Thank you everyone for all your wonderful birthday wishes last week!  Especially your nice words about my “Upper Twenties” post.  I’m definitely feeling a bit funky about this birthday, even though I have so much going for me now.  I think that with all the changes happening in my life, I’m just realizing who matters and who doesn’t, and WHAT matters and what doesn’t.  I don’t write serious posts like that often, so I’m glad you guys liked that one!

That being said, my 27th birthday was spent with Tim and a few close friends.  Very low-key and different from most other birthdays I’ve had, but it was a lovely birthday nonetheless.

27th Birthday Weekend Recap

First of all, I had the day off.  Woohoo!  Extra long weekend for me.

I started the day off with an iced coffee from the bakery down the street from my new apartment I’ve wanted to try.  How freaking adorable is it inside?

I only got an iced coffee in the morning, but I can’t wait to go back and try their sandwiches and other treats.

Tim and I then drove down to Long Wharf, parked, and bought ferry tickets (only $15 each if you are looking for an affordable day trip!) to head over to one of the Boston Harbor Islands.  That was one of the activities on my Summer Bucket List, and Tim planned my birthday day to revolve around it.  #boyfriendpoints

He chose to take me to Spectacle Island.

Some deets about Spectacle:

(Can 27 year olds still say deets?!)

Just 15 minutes from downtown Boston, Spectacle Island is ideal for hiking, swimming, boating, and learning. Stop in at a “green” visitor center with exhibits about the history and evolution of the island. Go swimming on a sandy beach (one of the few on the islands) supervised by trained lifeguards in the summer. Take in panoramic views of the harbor and city from the tallest hill on the Boston Harbor Islands. The marina makes it a popular destination for boaters.

Hi from the ferry!

See Castle Island?

Spectacle Island itself had really cool views of the city.  You can literally see Charlestown, Castle Island, and all the major buildings all at once.

The island was very pretty!  It wasn’t crowded, which I loved.  Just peaceful.  We strolled along some of the walking trails and just enjoyed the beautiful day.

After we walked around a bunch, we grabbed lunch at the Summer Shack restaurant on the island.  I went with a turkey wrap, but I ordered it with no mayo and it came layered in mayo.  Next time we’ll pack our own lunch.  It wasn’t very good.

And finally, we changed into our bathing suits and spent some time just laying on the beach.  The beach itself isn’t very big, and the sand isn’t beautiful — it’s kind of rocky — but again it’s peaceful, you can go in the water, and you can get a great view of the city.

Ferry ride back!

Once we were back at Long Wharf we got a quick drink at Tia’s.  Another item on my Summer Bucket List.

Frozen mango margarita for me:

Beer for Tim:

I liked the outdoor location of Tias, but you know what?  The drinks are way overpriced for the taste.  I’ve had a lot better margs in my day, and Tim said his Landshark tasted like a dirty Coors Light line.  No thank you.  Plus the uh, “clientele” around us weren’t so fun.  We clearly stood out like sore thumbs!  Oh well.  Not sure I’d come back.

After our day of fun, we continued into the evening with a dinner out at a new restaurant!  I love me a new good restaurant.  Anyone ever been to Sip Wine Bar & Kitchen?  If not, go there!  I can’t say enough good things about this place.  Outdoor seating, a cool vibe inside, the nicest waitress EVER (her name is Christy?  Kristi?  Just in case the folks over at Sip see this… she was wonderful!), amazing food, and the option to order wine by the “sip,” half glass, full glass, or bottle.  I definitely want to go back for sips, but Tim and I decided to order a bottle of white wine.  We were craving something cool and crisp, so the Casa Silva Sauvignon Blanc it was!

For an app, wood grilled oysters in a wine shallot butter.

Yum, yum, yum, yum!

Normal to cheers with oysters?  I guess since you eat these like you would take a shot, it can be normal.

Picture courtesy of the nice wait staff, who felt guilty after knocking over Tim’s wine glass.  It seriously barely spilled and they brought us out another goblet!  Now that’s service.

Umm, then this happened.

I was so excited to eat my scallops that I ate two and then yelped that I forgot to snap a photo.  This way is funnier, don’t you think?

But seriously, these pan seared dayboat scallops were to die for.  On top of a melted leek risotto with seared spinach, chive oil, and lemon buerre blanc.  With a side of roasted Brussels sprouts.

And Tim ordered the short rib, which typically I’m not a huge fan of and I thought that was unbelievable too.

Then it was time for birthday cake s’mores!

Which our waitress comped in honor of my birthday.  Sweet!  Literally.  We each had two, with the little dipping bowls (chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, raspberry), and it was the perfect dessert to not feel TOO full but still satisfied.  Plus, how fun is this dessert option?  Don’t see this very often!

All in all, a great day and night spent with Tim.  #happyface

Time for friends!  During the day, I went to Revere Beach for some more sun and relaxation with Slesh and Shannon.  No pictures!  Not sure if that will be the last beach trip of the season??  I’m secretly hoping for an extra beach weekend or two throughout the rest of September before fall really kicks in.  Then Saturday night was spent in Harvard Square.  Border Cafe for dinner with a group of ten of us, then Charlie’s Beer Garden for drinks and catching up.  As always, it was nice to see my friends from home, and have margaritas!

Tim and I slept in (a treat!), and spent the day doing errands for our apartment.  We didn’t go out at night, I was in bed so early!

I slept in again (another treat!) then had a day of fun with Slesh that included seeing her new apartment, a lunch date at Diesel Cafe in Davis Square (if anyone goes I highly recommend the PK Pouch on 7 grain brain), an hour or so by a new to us public pool, and a lot of time spent in the Christmas Tree Shop.  Thrilling.  I wrapped up the weekend catching up on Weeds on the couch with Tim.

Thanks again to everyone who made my birthday great!

What’s the best birthday you’ve ever had?  Ever been to the Boston Harbor Islands or any of the other places I mentioned in this post?  How did you spend Labor Day Weekend? 

It’s new job day!  Hooray!