Happy Friday!

Most people I know were thrilled about this short work week, but I honestly could use an extra weekday before heading away for the weekend.  Don’t hate me for saying that.  Things have been a little hectic at work this week and between teaching on Tuesday, working late on Wednesday, and birthday dinner with the fam last night I haven’t had a chance to catch up on anything else going on.  My apartment feels messy and my inbox is overflowing.  It’s all good though!

Anyways, I know I mentioned my birthday a bunch over the past week or two, but I wanted to do an official recap here.

Work Birthday

First up was my work celebration.  In my group, everyone has a birthday buddy who organizes a gathering on a day around your birthday.  Then they bring in treats and everyone signs a card.  Don’t worry, Baka, my co-workers don’t sing to me.  Julia had me and brought in an assortment of goodies.  That pomegranate frozen yogurt gelato bar was a nice afternoon treat.

28th Birthday at Work

People can also opt to bring in little gifts for each other if they want to, and I think it’s funny that half of my presents revolved around food and/or wine in some way.  Check out the wine to go cup from Patrice!


The other half of my presents included some candles, flowers, and two Jock Jams CD’s.  Yup, Jock Jams (pumped).  Thank you to my group at work for the thoughtful celebration and new things!

Friends Birthday

Next up was a celebration with friends.  Last Friday night I met a lot of my friends out at the Asgard in Central Square.  I felt a little silly because there were a lot of people who came!  Doesn’t it seem weird in a way to ask people to come celebrate such a random birthday?  It’s not like 28 is any type of milestone.  Nonetheless, I felt very lucky because my home friends, girlfriends, and gym friends all met me out!  It was so nice of everyone to come, and I had such a great time.  Here are some scenes from the night:

Home Friends 28th Birthday

Me & Slesh Birthday

28th Birthday Friends

28th Birthday Friends

28th Me & Monique

Gym Friends 28th Birthday

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Boyfriend Birthday

Saturday was my actual birthday, and I was a bit bummed that I was hungover and the weather wasn’t all that great.  Tim and I originally were going to have a beach day up North before my birthday dinner, but instead we opted to go to Walden Pond in the afternoon.  We still got to sit out but it wasn’t the same!  The highlight of my birthday day itself was definitely dinner at Towne Stove and Spirits.  They have a super pretty patio, and we sat outside to enjoy the nice night.  Plus our food and drinks were amazing.  I loved it there, and can’t wait to go back!

Towne Stove & Spirits

Towne Stove & Spirits

Towne Stove & Spirits

Also, before we went out Tim gave me my birthday presents which were clearly fitness related!  Probably only Monique and Lauren can appreciate how excited I am about my new Dynamax ball and my new Core Grid foam roller.  Stoked about both!

Family Birthday

Finally, my celebration with the fam was a little belated because my brother was away over Labor Day weekend.  We got together last night at the Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square.  It was a little chilly, but I still wanted to sit on their outdoor patio to try and squeeze in as much more “summer” as I can get.  We all had tasty meals and hopefully I introduced my parents to a new spot!

28th Bday Family

28th Bday Tim

And that’s about it.  Another birthday come and gone… I feel kind of old!

How do you like to celebrate your birthdays?

I’m off to Rhode Island for the weekend for my friend Ashley’s wedding!  Catch you guys on Monday!