Good morning!

I know I’ve been in kind of a fitness rut lately between needing a rest week and feeling a bit “meh” about my workouts.  However, there are two things I have been into.  One is jump roping with a real rope as opposed to just mocking the movement (holy difference).  The other is using a 3-2-1 style of training, where you do 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength work, and one minute of core work.  I recently posted a bodyweight workout that uses this format, and I’ve incorporated a few 3-2-1 style moves into the April Arms Challenge for Sunday Circuits.

When I sat down last night to plan this morning’s class, I decided I wanted to incorporate a lot of jumping with a real rope into the 3-2-1 style.

women's health big book of exercises

With a little help from my beloved Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises, I came up with the following:

3-2-1 Style Interval Workout

It was a good one!  I topped off the workout at the end with ten very slow decline pushups (which I just instructed and didn’t do because I’m still keeping an eye on my shoulder).  The rest of the moves felt ok for me though!

For a playlist, we rocked out to these jams:

Workout Playlist 4.24.13

I put this one together by picking 1 or 2 of my favorite songs from a few different playlists I’ve used in the past.  It kept us going!

Let’s chat!  Do you ever jump rope with a real rope or use a 3-2-1 style of training?  If you were in class this morning, did you like this workout?  Any new workout songs you can recommend?

This morning I have a half sick day because I have a doctor’s appointment at 11.  I must say, it’s really nice to have a few extra hours after teaching my 6am!  I’m going to clean the house and get ready for the rest of the day… appointment, half day of work, massage (yes I booked another one), and then Tim comes home tonight… he’s been down in Alabama for work all week.  Hope you all have a great Thursday!