How was everyone’s Marathon Monday?  Anybody run it?  Anybody watch it?

Last year I took the day off to watch the festivities, which was super fun from the Cityside patio.

This year’s Marathon Monday – not so fun, considering I worked most of the day.  Wah wah.  Congratulations to everyone who ran the Marathon though.  What an accomplishment, especially in that record breaking Boston heat yesterday!  If there are any runners out there that would like to share their experiences on Fitness & Feta in a guest post, let me know – would love to feature something like that on the blog.

50 Minute Cycle + Core Sandwich Workout

Yesterday’s workout was a bit random.  There was some confusion/miscommunication about my hours at the Y, so I didn’t end up teaching my Core Strength class (wah!),  and I only ended up working the floor for about two hours instead.  That was fine by me, as I only had to work a 10 hour day instead of a 14 hour one.  That also left time for a longer workout than planned, so I plopped myself down on the bike in the Annex and did some cycling on my own.  15 minutes of cycling, with 20 minutes of abs (the class I would have taught) in between, and 15 more minutes of cycling to finish.

Here’s what it looked like:

Cycle & Core Sandwich Workout

Was a decent workout for a night I wasn’t expecting to get too much in!  Felt nice to switch up my cardio with some cycling instead of the same old elliptical.

Onto the fun stuff….

Somerville Mayor’s Fitness Challenge

A couple of weekends ago, I mentioned that the gym ladies and I had a fitness filled Saturday over in Somerville.  After taking two classes in a row at CBC and grabbing lunch all together, we headed over to Somerville High School for the 3rd Annual Somerville Mayor’s Fitness Challenge.

The day featured several family friendly activities and booths by Somerville based companies and organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle.  There were exercise demonstrations, healthy snacks, chefs, and more.  The “challenge” part came into play too where any of the Fitness Challenge participants could weigh in and prepare to reach their personal fitness goals over the next seven weeks.  Individuals and teams can earn points for losing weight,  and participating in healthy community events.  Of course I was all about participating in an event like this!

I participated on behalf of Corpbasics Fitness & Training Club, which you guys probably see me refer to most as CBC in the blog.  We were scheduled to perform at 12:30 as part of the day’s fitness demonstrations.

Before we went on, we…

…manned the booth:

…practiced a bit:

…and took a couple different group shots.

Then it was time to showcase our sweet kickboxing moves:

Check out Liz leading the pack!  Go Liz!

For those on Facebook, you can get a little video clip by clicking here.  It’s a bit blurry, but fun.  I would say we were movin’ and groovin’ for about 15 minutes altogether, and did about 5 or 6 “clips” from different routines.

After the demonstration we walked around sampling yummy food.  I love me some free stuff.

Pumped for our free swag!

I do wish there were more people that attended the event.  Didn’t seem like a lot of people were there, but maybe it was just slow during the lunch hour that we were there for?  Hey, either way I had fun!

Before we left, of course we needed to get a group shot of all of us:

I love these girls!!  Gym time is so much more exciting when you have a whole crew of friends/fellow gym rats that love working out just as much as you do.  The social aspect of exercise can be SUCH a powerful motivator.

(Jen, we miss you!)

Twas a great fitness filled day!

Does your town host a fitness challenge?  Ever been to any kind of healthy living fair or festival?  Do you have gym friends that keep you motivated to work out?

Can’t wait for Two a Day Tuesday tonight with a lot of these amazing gals!  😉