Morning! If you’ve kept up to date with my weekly workout logs, you may have noticed that I keep mentioning a medicine ball ab circuit. This is something I made up for Tim to do at the gym, but I’ve since tried it for myself and LOVE IT. Even though I have gone through these four moves at least once a week now, they still leave my abs feeling tired every time I complete the circuits.

4x4 Medicine Ball Ab Circuit

The moves:

  1. Weighted leg drop: Lie down, and place medicine ball between feet. Keeping lower back on ground, lift upper back off the ground, then lower the legs as far as you can without arching the back. Bring legs back up and repeat.
  2. Russians: These can be done with feet on or off the ground (off is harder). Twist side to side, touching the medicine ball to the ground each time.
  3. Seated wall toss: Lean back in a seated position. Toss the ball against a wall, then catch without coming out of the v-sit position. Repeat.
  4. Toe touches: Lie down, and extend arms overhead while holding the ball with both hands. Raise legs straight over hips, then crunch up to bring ball toward toes. Lower torso back down and repeat.

I usually do 10-12 reps of each move and the entire four move circuit four times through (hence the name 4×4!). Note: I usually have to use a lighter medicine ball for the weighted leg drop than I do for the other three exercises.

You definitely feel the burn after this one! Try it out, and let me know how it goes. 🙂

–Let’s chat–
How often do you use the medicine ball in your workouts? What about for abs? Do you have an ab routine that leaves your abs burning no matter how many times you do it?

The medicine ball is becoming one of my favorite workout tools! I just wish my gym had more of them.

I have the day off today, but I’m using it as a catch-up day, that’s for sure. Whatever you are doing today, enjoy it!