Hello!  Friday before a long weekend, YAY!

That’s how pumped I am.

I cannot even explain how happy I am to have three days off and completely free with zero plans.  No work.  No set workouts.  No teaching or floor hours.  I am going out to dinner tonight with some of the gym girls, but Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are wide open.  I have options for plans but am being non-committal because this.never.happens.


Now I love Memorial Day Weekend ALMOST as much as I love the 4th of July (my favorite holiday).  Summertime is HERE!  Bring on the BEACH!  Hopefully I can stop looking so pasty now?  Some of you are probably rolling your eyes, but seriously my legs are blinding people in class lately.  Horrifying…

Anyways, even though summer is here with all of its fabulousness, we need to still be mindful of maintaining our healthy habits.  With summertime comes grilling season.  Don’t get me wrong, I love grilling season and all of its bbq deliciousness, but firing up the grill can also often sabotage your weight loss goals.  Here are some of my personal tips for surviving grill season, for guests and hosts alike!

***5 Tips for Surviving Grill Season***

1.  Make or bring a healthy appetizer
BBQ’s are often loaded with chips, dip, and munchies.  I don’t know about you guys, but once I let myself dig in to some of these treats (salty gets me every time!) I find it hard to stop.  If you are attending a BBQ, bring your own healthier appetizer.  This way you have at least one healthier option to munch on before your main course.  Veggies, healthy salsas, skewers, and guacamole are great options!

2.  Savor better choices first
When it’s time for the main course, load your plate up with salad, veggies, or healthier side dishes first.  Chew slowly and don’t rush through your plate.  By filling up on these  options first, you’ll be less likely to overeat the higher calorie foods later.  Also, pace yourself by chatting with your friends and family!  The more you talk, the less you’ll scarf down right away.  You could even take a break from eating to snap a few photos!

3.  Use smaller plates
It sounds silly, but I’m serious!  I read an article the other day (that I can’t find now to source) that people who use smaller plates and smaller utensils can seriously cut back on calorie consumption without forgoing fullness and satisfaction.  If you aren’t the host that can provide the small plates on your own, try bringing your own or just bringing a pack for the host.  You could also borrow a plate from the kid’s table!  Nobody will care.  Another great plate option is a portion control plate, such as the ECOLunchTray available in the Around The Plate Boutique.

4.  Say no to the bun
Yes, you can still enjoy a nice juicy burger bursting with meat and tasty toppings.  (Anyone else feel a little grossed out reading the phrase “bursting with meat?”  Sorry).  If you are looking to cut out refined carbohydrates that offer little satisfaction, pass on pointless chips and other like snacks.  You don’t have to eat your burger with no bun, but it can provide for a great way to still cut out some carbs.  You can still get a great taste with veggies, low-calorie marinades, and other toppings.  If this idea sounds crazy to you, try eating your burger “open face” style with a half bun instead!  


5.  Prioritize
You all know that I am all for letting yourself enjoy and indulge — but always try to do so in moderation.  If you are just dying for a hot dog, let yourself have it.  If that irresistible looking dessert is catching your eye, make that your priority instead.  Maybe someone’s homemade creamy potato salad is what is catching your eye.  It’s okay to eat what you love and not feel guilty about it, but just decide ahead of time what’s really worth it to you!  Alcohol included!  😉

Anyone else have any good tips for navigating a healthy bbq season?  What are your plans for the long weekend?