It comes as no surprise that the most common New Year’s resolution people make is to lose weight and get healthy. Plain and simple, every January people claim that this is going to be THE year they get back into a fitness routine and clean up their nutrition habits.

While I’m no longer big into the word resolution or the whole New Year, New You phrase, I do like to use this time of year as an impetus to change things up, should something in our lives need it! It can be a great time to reset if we feel like something isn’t already working as well as it could be.

But it doesn’t always have to be about losing weight and the scale!

The issue when it comes to people using January 1st as a time to re-assess their health habits is that only the food and fitness side of things get the attention. And because there is so much noise and conflicting information surrounding diet and exercise in today’s society, it can be exhausting trying to sort through it all. No wonder so many resolutions are broken every year! I wish there was a bigger emphasis on health for the whole person, mind included, because honestly, it wasn’t until I learned how to view wellness as more than just diet and exercise that I was able to break free from my fitness frustrations and find an easier way to maintain my wellness for the long haul. Now I know that self-care, mindset, and stress management are equally as important pieces of the puzzle!

Today I’m breaking free from society’s messaging that your wellness goals must have to do with the gym and what’s on your plate. Below, find five things listed that you can do to improve your overall health in the New Year. Nothing on my list has anything to do with diet or exercise, but each item can make us happier people, more confident, and live with more ease.

5 New Year’s Goals That Have Nothing to Do with Diet or Exercise

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

Comparison to others can kill our motivation FAST, can’t it? Unfortunately, social media has become one of the biggest ways for unnecessary comparison to happen. Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, feeling down or envious of others? Can you think of anyone whose posts simply don’t make you feel that good about yourself? If so, I want you to do two things:

First, remind yourself that social media doesn’t ever reveal the whole story (unless you follow me on Instagram where I post pictures of my messy house or if you are a part of my free Achieve It Crew and get to see my tired and makeup-less face on Facebook live LOL). That person who just gets under your skin because they always seem to have the perfect food, perfect family pictures, and perfect workouts… trust me, they aren’t perfect, and they most definitely do not have all their shit together.

Second, if you are following someone on social media who doesn’t inspire you or make you feel empowered… buh bye! UNFOLLOW. I promise that you simply will not miss seeing anyone who is getting in the way of your progress. It’s actually quite refreshing to clean up your social media accounts, and there’s no better time of year to de-clutter in this way than at the start of January. Surround yourself only with the people who lift you up, both in real life and online.

Disconnect More Often

Try spending a little bit of time each day away from your phone and other electronics. It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s going on in the confines of all our different screens and gadgets that we can really miss out on meaningful interactions with our friends and family as well as the benefits that can come with clearing our own minds! Some ideas: try replacing scrolling through social media before bed with a little reading, try to keep your phone in your pocket or bag the entire time you are out to dinner so you can focus on the company and conversation, or give yourself 30 minutes a day with your phone away (there’s a nice little rhyme for you!). Replace 30 minutes of TV time with some time outside, and try closing out the million tabs you might have open on your computer while you are working. You might be surprised at how much better you feel on a day-to-day basis and how much productive you are at work!

Say Thank You to Compliments

It’s easy enough to give others compliments, but why is it so hard for so many of us to accept kind words about ourselves with grace? This year, instead of deflecting, trying to explain yourself, or ignoring compliments given to you, practice saying thank you loud and clear. It’s not a bad thing to accept a little praise every once in a while, and thanking people when they compliment you is one of the first steps in becoming a more confident person overall. An unexpected compliment can really make your day… let it! A couple of weeks ago, a woman in the back of my spin class told me that she recognized me in the front row from my shoulders, and it TOTALLY made my day. I thanked her and felt really good about all the work I’ve been putting in to these #deltsofdoom.

Start a Gratitude Practice

The more we purposely try to seek the good in our lives, the more the good will appear. I think practicing gratitude is an essential part of self-care, and the more we grow accustomed to recognizing the little things throughout the day, the happier we become. Also, when we practice gratitude and perspective regularly, even for just a few minutes a day, we are more equipped to handle the tough stuff. Gratitude is what helps us become resilient and show strength during our worst times. Instead of waking up and hitting go right away or burning the candle at both ends until the second before you go to sleep, take a few minutes and give this a try. Start by getting a cute journal or notebook, picking 2-3 things per day that you feel grateful for, and writing them down + why. Just see where it takes you. If you need a little extra help in getting started with this, read my seven simple tips for starting a gratitude practice!

 Stop Apologizing for Things You Shouldn’t

This is actually a huge one for me personally. I have some deep-rooted issues in being able to apologize when an apology is warranted, but for some reason I over-apologize for things that aren’t really that offensive. This past year, I really worked on NOT saying sorry for things like making adjustments to my order at a restaurant (I am a paying customer and should be able to request they hold the olives without feeling sorry for it), asking to switch rooms in a hotel, or asking someone to turn down their music. If you are someone who starts your sentences with, “I’m sorry, I just….” or “Sorry, but could you…,” I want you to think about whether or not you would expect an apology from a friend saying the same thing to you. Chances are, you wouldn’t. Let’s all stop apologizing for shit that doesn’t matter, and start actually apologizing for what does.

To recap:

  • Clean up your social media accounts
  • Disconnect more often
  • Say thank you to compliments
  • Start a gratitude practice
  • Stop apologizing for things you shouldn’t

Sounds pretty good to me! I’d love to hear your thought on this. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you are focusing on in 2017. Is it something health related? If so, is it diet or exercise focused? Or something that has more to do with self-care, mindset, confidence, happiness, etc.?

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