Okay, so you know walks are a key part of your overall movement strategy. And you’ve been getting your steps in all summer and into fall! But, well… it’s getting colder. And… it’s getting dark WAY early now, like before you’re even home from work. Between the time change and the weather, I know I for one am not as quick to WANT to walk outside. 

I’m trying to embrace it though, because well, I choose to live in New England, and otherwise, it’s gonna be a long winter. Instead of taking on the attitude that walking in the winter sucks, and subsequently neglecting my walking routine, I’m choosing a different thought.

Remember, thoughts create our feelings, which then create our actions (or inactions or reactions), which then have a direct impact on our results (or lack thereof). If I can think more positively about getting out there, I’m more likely to DO it!

This also ties into a general goal of mine to be more present through little moments.

So rather than just wishing my walks were over, I’ve focused on how I feel energized by moving my body. That I appreciate some sun on my face. That the cold air is reinvigorating. I’ve been trying to listen to less podcasts while walking (because as much as I like to do this, sometimes we just need a break from consuming so much information), and doing more listening to music or walking in silence.

This is helping me notice more of my surroundings: little details in the houses I walk by, the leaves on the trees, a view from the lake. I’m finding the more present I feel during my walks, the more present I feel during the rest of my day.

And of course, it gets me out of the house! Read on for five ways to get more walks in during the winter months:


I’m finding the more present I feel during my walks, the more present I feel during the rest of my day.

1. Your walk doesn’t need to be perfect
Sure, maybe there are perfect sunny days (or weekends) when you get up early and walk for miles. But more likely, you’ll be squeezing your movement in where you can get it – and that also counts! Winter walks may look more like a few laps around your office, walks up and down the stairs at home, or ten minutes on the treadmill, and that’s okay too.

2. Bundle up!

It may sound simple, but just having the right gear can make winter walks MUCH more enjoyable. I had a client who hated being cold so much she did her walks in a snowsuit – great solution! Maybe you’re walking in sturdy winter boots or hiking boots instead of sneakers, or bringing hand warmers or a warm beverage to hold – whatever it takes to get out there.

3. Take shorter walks

When it is cold, it might be easier to take several 10-15 minute walks throughout the day rather than tackling 45 minutes at once. Maybe you take a quick walk around the block (or your office building) between meetings, or add a lap around the neighborhood when you take the dog out. Don’t feel the need to spend more time outside than is comfortable – those shorter walks can add up!

4. Bargain with yourself

Tell yourself that you’ll do “just five minutes” or “just ten minutes” of a winter walk. Oftentimes, you will find that the hard part is getting yourself out there, and you really may enjoy the energy, movement, and mindfulness once you’re walking.

5. Give yourself a reward

Maybe you only listen to your favorite podcast while you’re out on a walk, or you walk in the morning because you know you’ll be coming home to a hot shower afterwards. Maybe you use your walk as time to take a break from work or catch up with a friend on the phone. Maybe you bring your favorite hot tea, hot water with lemon, or other fun + cozy beverage. Stacking your walk with something you know you’ll enjoy might be all it takes to get out there.

Let me know in the comments – which winter walking tip will you try this season?