Hello there.

Today was a nice little Wednesday working at home.

…Breakfast was especially delicious:

Baked oatmeal with strawberries and plain Greek yogurt on the side.

…Geoff and Trina were at home too.
It’s always nice to have friends at home with you!

…The Facebook page I created for my uncle’s business is up and running. 
Would you guys be so nice as to like it for me?  You can get to the page by clicking here.  Please?  And then while you are at it, you should also like Fitness & Feta on Facebook if you haven’t already.  That one can be found here!

…Lunch wasn’t anything special, but it still was tasty. 
Leftover tuna and avocado mix with some whole grain rice on the side.  Not picture worthy.

…A few handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds throughout the day though? 
Most enjoyable.

…Saw the funniest looking turkey in our driveway. 
Gobble, gobble.  Sorry buddy if I eat you in November.

…Felt sore from this week’s workouts so far.
I already posted about Sunday’s Sweaty Strength Sets, and I mentioned I was teaching Core Strength on Monday.  My abs were SUPER sore from 20 minutes straight of core work.  But I still haven’t shared last night’s workout yet.  Last night’s Circuit class (after Kix of course!) was a very random mix of things that I made up off the top of my head because I didn’t feel like doing the workout I originally planned when it came time for class.  That seems to happen often.

Anyways, here’s the workout:

70’s Random Rock Workout


5 Stations
Execute move for 1 minute at each station, then do 45 seconds of cardio, then move on to the next.

  1. Medicine Ball Slams
  2. Bicep Curls with Band
  3. Pushups on Bosu Ball
  4. Walking Planks (Up Up Down Downs)
  5. Tricep Dips on Bench

In between each of these moves we did a variation of jumping jacks for cardio:

  • Regular jacks
  • Crossing feet jacks
  • Plank jacks
  • Jacks with circling arms
  • Jack hop outs

Lunge combo
Then I switched to one of my favorite lunge combos, done on each side:

  • 8 lunge and taps
  • 8 lunge and knee lifts
  • 8 lunge and calf raise (on supporting side)
  • 8 lunge and hops

Back to the stations.
We did the same stations through again, except this time in between each I did the following cardio:

  • Quick feet + random planks (in the middle of quick feet I yelled out plank and made everyone drop to the floor)
  • Jump rope + random planks (same concept)
  • High knees + random squat moves (hold squat, squat pulses, squat + feet lifts)
  • High knees to side (awk move of the night) + random planks
  • 10 tuck jumps.

Another lower body combo
…again done on both sides:

  • 10 squat + front kicks
  • 10 regular squats
  • 10 squat pulses
  • 10 second squat hold
  • Come up & extend leg into kick again, then 10 hamstring extensions

20 minutes of floor work
…to finish it up!

  • Upper back:  Y’s, T’s, and I’s
  • Outer Thigh Combo:  Lay on one side and do 10 slow leg lifts, 10 slow lift pulses, 10 slow leg rotations, straighten leg and do 8 circles front & back, 4 circles front & back, 2 circles front & back, 2 circles front & back again, then 1 big circle front and 1 big circle back.  Yowsah!
  • Inner Thigh Combo:  Place leg that was just working flat on floor behind other leg, and do 10 slow lifts for inner thigh, 10 slow pulses, and then 10 reps of a 2 pulses / lift up and down combo.
  • Immediately went into a side plank which we held for 10 seconds, then did 8 side plank hip dips, then flipped into a regular plank and held even longer.
  • Repeated  the Outer / Inner / Side Plank / Regular Plank combo on other side.
  • Finished with roll backs and stretching.

Name of the workout inspired by my 70’s rock workout playlist:

Commentary on last night’s workout and playlist?  Yay?  Nay?  Sore today?  (Nice little rhyme I did there).

Anyways, there were a couple not so great things today too:

…Police found a body in the Chestnut Hill reservoir and identified it as the BC student that went missing in February. 
I heard all the police cars, fire trucks, and helicopters whizzing by this morning.  So sad.  I feel sick about it.

…The dream apartment that Tim and I had our hearts set on got rented. 
We were supposed to look at it this afternoon.  Now we’re grumpy.

Oh well!  Time for homework and then a double sesh at CBC tonight.

What happened today for you?  Anything good?  (Hopefully) no bad?

Enjoy the rest of today, and don’t forget to enter my pasta sauce giveaway.  I don’t announce the winner until Friday morning, so there is still time to enter!