Good morning readers!

How is it already Monday morning!?  Whatever.

Question #1:  Is there anyone out there that loves checking out’s Things to Do page as much as I do?

Question #2:  Is there anyone out there that loves finding new places to go out for brunch as much as I do?

These being said, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across the Things to Do article on “Quirky, Fun Brunches around Boston.

“It’s not quite breakfast, and it’s not quite lunch. It’s brunch and it’s delicious. We all have our favorite brunch destinations — but if you’re in a weekend morning bacon-and-eggs rut, check out these quirky, fun dining options around the city and kick it up a notch.”

Score.  Now, I stumbled across this a little while back, but I always go back to it if I need a good brunch idea.  And since Mother Nature did NOT want to cooperate for my triple date kayaking excursion this Saturday, brunch was our natural back up plan.

We decided to stay local and try out a retro themed brunch at The Breakfast Club in Brighton.

“If you don’t have detention, you can enjoy a meal with your friends at this classic diner named after John Hughes’s 1985 flick. Go ahead: Wear your scrunchies and Chuck Taylors. With the ’80s soundtrack and menu items named after the movie characters, you’ll find yourself in another time entirely.”

It was pretty much a spot on description.  I really enjoyed the 80’s music, posters, and the cozy feel of the diner.  We didn’t have to wait very long which was a definite plus considering we were there around 10:30 on a Saturday morning.  I do think we just beat the line though.  The only negative I would say is that the booths are small which made it pretty hard to squeeze six of us into one booth.  They ended up bringing a chair for the end of the table, and we sat three girls and two guys to either side of the booth.  Comfortably the booths seat four, and the only other seating options are up at the counter.  So I don’t think a place for large parties, but I’d definitely go again with a smaller group.

I spent a long time deciding which option off the fall specials menu to get.

Pumpkin pancakes or breakfast panini.  Was a very hard decision but I ended up going with the breakfast panini.  Usually with pancakes, I really only crave them for one or two bites, maybe one pancake, but never truly enjoy downing three huge ones.  These pumpkin ones did sound to die for though.  My panini was messy, but good.  I just love avocado, don’t you?

My panini came with home fries, but I didn’t have any.  I was full by the end of my breakfast sandwich.  Looking back, I should have asked them to substitute wheat bread for the scali too.  Oh well.  I enjoyed it!

Question of the Day:  Where is your favorite place to go to brunch?  Would love some new ideas!

Have a great week, everyone.