Happy Friday!

First up is the winner of my NYR giveaway, Sarina!

In response to my mandatory giveaway question (what is your can’t live without beauty product), Sarina wrote: 

CeraVe Face Moisturizer AM and PM.  My face has been so dry this winter… I MUST apply after my shower in the AM and PM after the gym.  This is the only face moisturizer that is thick enough to actually make my skin less dry, BUT is not super oily/greasy (HATE that feeling).  Plus the AM has SPF which is a plus even in winter months:)

Congratulations, Sarina!  Please email me at akaralekas@gmail.com to claim your prize.

Circuit Training Workout

I promised you guys the workout from this week’s Two a Day Tuesday class (class was PACKED!), so here it is!

Don’t forget to include a proper warmup & cool down with proper stretching, drink plenty of water, and make sure to honor your bodies and injuries.  It’s a tough workout, but nothing should cause pain.  Remember all moves can always be modified, so if you have questions on how, let me know.

Circuit 1

    – Bench March Ups
    – Alternating Knee Lifts
    – Single Knee Lifts
    – Bench Run Ups w/right lead, then hold a squat 10 seconds.  Repeat with left lead.
    – Bench Run Ups w/right lead, then squat pulses 10 seconds.  Repeat with left lead.
    – Bench Run Ups w/right lead, then 8 regular squats.  Repeat with left lead.
    – With the band, regular slow bicep curls (two hands)
    – With the band, alternating front body cross curls (one hand at a time)
    – With the band, regular fast bicep curls (two hands)
  • ABS
    – Crunch Combo:  10 crunches/10 pulses with feet on ground, then knees over hips, then straight legs up.

Circuit 2

    – Alternate between shuffle touch downs and speed skaters a few times
    – With band, one-armed overhead tricep extensions (2 sets regular reps, 1 set pulsing)
  • ABS
    – Plank Combo.  Plank of your choice for one minute, adding a couple of variations (we did rolling front and back, plus knees side to side)
    – Side Plank of your choice for 10 seconds, going right through regular plank before switching to the other side for 10 more seconds.

Circuit 3

    – Jumping Jacks + Alternating Front Kicks
    – Jumping Jacks + Alternating Back Kicks
    – Alternating front lunges on bench
    – Pulse 10 seconds on right, then 10 seconds on left
    – Lateral raises for shoulders with band, together then alternating, finishing together
    – Row with band (make sure to cross the band in front)
  • ABS
    – Standing Series:  Twisting side to side, then adding knee, then knee raise on one side, finish with the first regular twist

Circuit 4

    – Runners (just legs), Runners (just arm pump), Runners (combo of legs and arm pump)
    The Booty Blaster (3 sets 10 on each side)
    – Inner Thigh Lift (2 sets regular & 1 set pulsing on each side)
    – Pushups (2 sets of 10)
    – Lower Back:  Reverse Crunch lying on stomach
  • ABS
    – Leg push outs + lifts

And for a little motivation, a new playlist!

Workout Playlist

Have a great Friday!  I’m looking forward to a low-key night tonight — I see a glass of wine and homemade quesadillas in my future.

What’s up for the weekend?  Think you’ll try out this workout?