This is a fun little survey floating around in the blog world now.  After reading this on Peanut Butter Fingers the other day, I decided to give it a go myself.  Enjoy 🙂

25 Questions: Holiday Style

Eggnog or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate for sure!  Low sugar 🙂

Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?

Growing up, Santa would leave my siblings and I a display or “setup” of unwrapped presents.  Mine was always closest to the tree, then my brother’s, then my sister’s.  In order of age.  All the wrapped presents were under the tree and from each other, not Santa!

Colored lights on tree/house or white?

We never did much with lights outside growing up.  Too much work?  I remember saying we were the only house on the streets with those ugly plastic candles in the windows instead.  Right now the girls and I have white lights on the tree, but growing up we had colored.  I prefer white, I think it looks nicer.

Do you hang mistletoe?

Normally, no.  But we have for a few of the Christmas parties of years’ past!

When do you hang your decorations up?

Definitely NOT before Thanksgiving.  Respect the bird, people!  Usually the week after.  I like to make it through Thanksgiving weekend in its entirety before decorating for Christmas too.

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)?

We don’t have it anymore, but my childhood favorite was going to my grandparents’ (Yiayia and Papou B) house and eating avgolemono soup.  For you non-Greeks, this is a traditional Greek soup with egg and lemon!  We used to do it every year, but don’t anymore.  I miss it.

Favorite holiday memory as a child?

Again, going to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve.   Every year after we all opened all our presents my grandparents would pretend there were none left, only to bring out one last gift bag for the five cousins.  We used to act surprised like we had no idea these gift bags were coming year after year.  There was never anything huge or extravagant in the bags, but I remember this being the most thrilling part of the night.  Other favorite holiday memories include opening our second stocking from Santa in New Bedford when celebrating with the other side of the family, and snooping around with my cousin Lexa to find our presents and/or present receipts ahead of time!  I remember one year we found the receipts to Hanson CDs and it was like the best day ever.

What is on your Christmas wish list?

This year I really want a watch that tracks calories and heart rate.  And a frosting gun.  And workout clothes from lululemon, but those are so expensive I wouldn’t want anyone to have to spend so much for just a sleeve of a workout top!  Maybe a nice long peacoat too.  I really don’t care much about material things nowadays.

Do you open a gifts on Christmas Eve?

We used to at my grandparents house but haven’t since they passed.  Tim and I are planning to give each other our stockings this year on Christmas Eve.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

With lights and ornaments!  No tinsel, please.  I love all my ornaments – I’ve collected so many throughout the years.  It was a family tradition to receive at least one new ornament each year.  And I have so many that bring back nice memories and make me smile!  I would be so sad if anything ever happened to my box of ornaments!

Snow? Love it or dread it?

Love it for the first snowfall.  Then I hate it for the rest of the season.  I hate driving in it!!

Real tree or fake tree?

I don’t really care.  Growing up we had a real tree for a while, but then one year my mom decided she didn’t like what we brought home, and she made my dad return it.  My parents have had a fake tree ever since, although they did make the grand return to a real one.  In our apartment now we have a fake one, but that’s because it would probably be too difficult to get a real tree all the way up our apartment stairs.  I’m crossing my fingers for a real one next year!

Do you remember your favorite gift?

I’ve gotten a lot of great gifts over the years.  I do not have any one particular favorite!

What’s the most important thing about Christmas for you?

At this point in my life, maintaining a sense of normalcy.  I’ll just give you the boring, go to answer of:  Enjoying time with friends, family, and Tim.

What is your favorite holiday dessert?

Ahhh, so many options!  Last year I really liked the Oreo Balls that I made.  Also like peppermint bark!  Reindeer cupcakes?  Favorite might be the chocolate chip banana brownies that Uncle Chris makes.  Usually he makes a whole separate batch just for me!  Wait, what about your favorite way to decorate a cake for Christmas?  Can’t decide!  I have a few new cute ideas up my sleeve for this week.  Stay tuned!

What is your favorite tradition?

My favorite tradition is the annual Christmas party Shannon throws every year for our high school group of friends.  I also like going to the Boston Pops (I’ve gone several different years with several different friends), watching the old school Rudolph and Frosty movies, and going to New Bedford for our “extra” Christmas.  Unfortunately, most of my favorite  childhood “traditions” don’t happen anymore, which is really sad.  Someday when I’m gone I hope my children still honor the memories and traditions I created and still do them, instead of just stopping them.  I do still like taking our annual cousin picture though!

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2009

What tops your tree?

An angel!

Do you prefer giving or receiving?

I think anyone that says they don’t like receiving gifts is a huge liar!  But I do like to put a lot of time and effort into picking out gifts for my family, friends, and Tim.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.  I used to love when we played this in high school orchestra!  Yes, I used to play the violin.  You guys didn’t know that about me?

Candy canes, yuck or yum?

Kinda yuck.  Not a huge peppermint fan, unless it’s peppermint bark or peppermint tea!

Favorite Christmas movie?

Rudolph!  Followed by Elf and Love Actually.

What do you leave for Santa?

Nothing, anymore.  Is that boring?

Do you have a Christmas morning tradition?

Again, most traditions have changed in the past couple years.  Former tradition:  waking up at my parents’ house where my father would insist we “parade” into the family room in order of age while he videotaped it.  We did this every single year until last year when we stopped…

After the parade came Santa gifts, Santa stockings, family breakfast, and family gifts – in that order.

This year will be really different.  Maybe some new traditions to create?

Do you prefer to shop on-line or at the mall?

At the mall!

Christmas letter or Christmas card?

Definitely Christmas cards.  Sometimes I find the letters pretty awkward!!

Question of the Day:  Are you getting in the Christmas spirit yet?  Now it’s your turn!  Would love to read what your traditions and favorite holiday things are!  You don’t have to comment with the entire survey, but even if you just pick a couple of questions – would love to hear your answers.