…and it’s Monday again.

Anyone else feel this way?  I’m also upset that it’s pouring out!  Seriously, so dreary.  What a crappy way to start the week!

So instead, let’s recap the fun weekend I had. 🙂


This weekend started on a pretty fabulous note with a Providence College Dance Company (PCDC) gathering at Sarah and Jillianne’s place in Cambridge.

We started out with some jewelry fun, since Sarah is selling Silpada now.  If anyone is interested in buying any of her jewelry, check out her personal page here!

Then we caught up on our lives while munching on some yummy snacks and drinking wine.

Sarah’s cupcakes made with applesauce instead of butter and egg whites instead of eggs!

And some chips & guac.

My plate:

We ended the night with a LOT of laughing at old awk videos of our performances.

What a much-needed little girls night!  I think Alicia’s Facebook status that night summed it up best:

Thank you, Sarah and Jillianne, for hosting!


Saturday morning and early afternoon were spent running around doing errands and squeezing in a quick workout before Jess & Brett’s wedding.  I finally found a dress to wear (and it’s a size 2!! how thrilling!), had to go to CVS and the bank, and get things organized for the night.  I was hoping to do a longer workout than what I did, but a sweaty twenty in my living room is better than nothing right?

After my quick workout (which WAS successfully sweaty by the way), Tim and I headed over to the Embassy Suites in Waltham where we were spending the night since neither one of us wanted to actually drive home from the wedding.  The church ceremony was held at a church in Weston, and the reception was held at the Nashawtuc Country Club in Concord.  Both were beautiful venues!

The food was delicious:

Jess was stunning:

The bride and groom looked so happy:

And we had an absolute blast!

Seriously, what a fun night with everyone!

Another Facebook status to sum it up:


Sunday I certainly paid for all the fun we had at the wedding!  Let’s just say I drank a LOT of wine and had quite the wine hangover pretty much all day.

After the wedding Tim and I also had people back to our room at the Embassy Suites, and somehow we ordered pizza from Domino’s.  I knew I shouldn’t have eaten it, not because it’s unhealthy (okay probably for that reason too), but because it always leaves my stomach in shambles the next day.  Which it did.  So Sunday wasn’t so fun, but it was kind of the perfect rainy lazy afternoon for it.  Tim and I literally didn’t move from the couch all afternoon — we watched a lot of Chopped, Law & Order, and Restaurant Impossible.  I fell asleep during the Bruins game, but it made for a much-needed nap.  I felt better when I woke up!  At night we had dinner plans with Katie and Vinnie for a little belated sibling birthday gathering, so we got ourselves together around 6 and headed over to The Biltmore Bar & Grill in Newton for dinner.

I had a lot of WATER, along with some appetizers and a delicious meal.

Hog wings and fried pickles, looks gross, but I promise it wasn’t:

And for an entrée I got the roasted half-chicken with lemon and rosemary, rainbow Swiss chard, and roasted spring potatoes.

Delish, and now I have leftovers for today which is always a plus.  The restaurant was fun — had a casual pub feel to it, with a big beer menu even though I didn’t try any, and the food was awesome.  I liked that the menu had a different kind of feel to it with lots of inventive selections.  Only negative in my opinion was that the food seemed alittle pricy for the pub kind of atmosphere.  We had a nice time catching up with Katie and Vinnie and starting to hash out some of their own wedding plans!

Phew!  What a fun weekend!

How were your weekends, everyone?  What did you do?

Stay dry!!!