Yes, I said bacon and beer.  What of it?

If you missed my previous weekend wrap up posts, check them out here:

Time for the last weekend wrap up post, this time of my Sunday Funday!

Bacon and Beer Harbor Cruise

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Ashley from the Y invited Tim and I to go on a bacon and beer harbor cruise with her and her boyfriend Bret.

Um, yes please!

What exactly does a bacon and beer harbor cruise entail?  Karaoke, bacon treats from both Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Staff Meal, and beer from The Smuttynose Brewing Company and Dogfish Head.  Tickets were $34 each (including tax) which entitled each guest to two complimentary beers, along with the food samples provided from both Staff Meal and Roxy’s.

For my two free beers, I sampled the Smuttynose Star Island Single, which Ireally liked, and the Dogfish Head that I can’t remember that tasted like rosemary.  That one was decent but definitely one of those beers that was good for just one or else I would have gotten sick of it.  The beers were available for purchase throughout the entire cruise after you had your two for free, and I did end up getting another Star Island Single because I thought it was so tasty.

We didn’t end up singing any karaoke (I would need far more than three beers to do that!) because we were too busy eating.  The food was yummy!  Honestly?  It felt nice to just eat completely unhealthy food for a day and not feel guilty about it after my six days in a row at the gym last week.

Honestly again?  This was enough to satisfy my unhealthy food cravings!  I’m back to my usual eating this week.  It’s true when they say that allowing yourself to indulge and not depriving really goes a long way for a better lifestyle.

Let’s show you a better picture of the crispy chicken skin dipped in a bacon dip from Staff Meal and the green Muenster melt from Roxy’s.

Homemade guacamole, Muenster cheese, and applewood bacon.  Heaven.

Here are some pictures from our fun day on the water!

It was a beautiful day outside, but it definitely got really windy when we were further out into the harbor.  My hair was blowing everywhere!

After we docked, we decided to hang out a little more in the city and went over to The Sail Loft.  LOVE this place.  I was feeling pretty thirsty after having three beers, so I decided to order a Shirley Temple.  Yes, I’m 5.  But Ash got jealous, so she ordered one too.  It really hit the spot!

Good times!  Thank you, Ashley, for inviting us along!

Ever been on a bacon and beer harbor cruise?  Do you allow yourself “indulge” days?  When’s the last time you had a Shirley Temple?