This was definitely a “3 F” weekend – full of friends, family, and food.  Between Slesh and Will’s engagement celebration at The Painted Burro on Friday night, Papou’s birthday party in New Bedford on Saturday, Top Chef watching with Trina & Geoff on Saturday night, and my goddaughter’s 4th birthday tonight, the weekend was jam-packed.  I am definitely feeling the time change today!  I’d also say I definitely allowed myself more than just one “cheat” day.

Here are some pictures to sum it all up:

Peanut butter heart cookies I made for Slesh & Will:

Peanut Butter Heart Cookies

Tacos, kale and plaintains, and margs at The Painted Burro:

Painted Burro

Family celebrating Papou:

Papou's 84th

Auntie Paula

Food at Papou’s party:

Papous 84th Party

My own personal Top Chef making turkey Gorgonzola sliders!

Tim Cooking

And finally, Layla’s birthday party:

Layla's 4th

Definitely didn’t photograph everything either!  Lacking in my weekend was anything fitness.  But it’s okay.  I haven’t given my body more than one day off in a row in a long time, and I know I’ll just be *that* much more into my workouts this week.  I could have eaten better too, but I’m human and not going to dwell.

How were your weekends?  When’s the last time you allowed yourself a “cheat” day or days?