This morning I taught what has become my annual Halloween themed class at the gym. I know 6am is pretty aggressive for people to get decked out, so I just encouraged my class members to wear some Halloween flair if they had it. We had some tutus, leotards, mini mouse ears, and orange and black, so I think they did a pretty good job at getting into the spirit of things.

Halloween at the gym 2014

I dressed up as a referee. It took a lot of restraint to not bust out a whistle for timing the drills (I have one).

Halloween at the Gym 2014

^^ I look tired today, huh?

In true Athena form, I brought back the Halloween workout playlist that never fails me:

Halloween Workout Playlist

And I made sure that all my moves today were Halloween inspired. I assume full responsibility for how dorky this is, but like I posted on Instagram this morning, what’s the fun in being boring? I called this one my wicked Halloween workout.

A Wicked Halloween Workout

You guys should try it! Here’s a breakdown of the moves:

Part 1: Bodyweight Circuit
I snagged this circuit from the Fall Freedom challenge I am participating in through Neghar Fonooni. It’s tomorrow’s workout in our weekly plan, but I had my class do it today. I set a timer for 15 minutes, and everyone had to see how many rounds of each exercise they could do in that amount of time while keeping good form.

  • Spooky single leg squats: Balancing on one leg, sit down to a step or bench, then stand back up. Do 10 on each leg. Holding a dumbbell for extra weight is optional.
  • Demon decline pushups: Do 8 pushups with your feet elevated on the bench and your hands on the ground.
  • Lurking lunge hops: Step backward into a lunge position, and jump (2 feet to 2 feet). Immediately after landing in the same lunge position you started in, bring your back knee forward and hop. Do 8 on each side in this pattern.

Part 2: Traveling Tabatas
I had class do two pairs of exercises. For each pair, alternate between the two exercises in a 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off format. Each pair will be done for a total of four times.

Halloween at the Gym 2014

  • Zombie walks #1 + monster climbers: Holding a pair of light weights (or one heavier weight) in front of you, walk around the room while keeping your abs engaged. Try not to lean forward or back, and make sure your arms are no higher than shoulder height. Your palms will either be face down, or facing in toward each other. After 20 seconds is up, drop to the ground for mountain (monster) climbers. Your hands will be flat on the ground, and you will alternate bringing your knees one at a time into your chest. For more cardio, add speed.
  • Zombie walks #2 + spiderman planks: Hold one heavy dumbbell overhead, and walk around the room again. This is really called a dumbbell’s waiter walk, and it’s a core move because you really have to engage to not lean side to side. Keep your shoulder down, and try not to bend the elbow too much. After 20 seconds, drop back down to the ground for spiderman planks. You will alternate bringing your right knee to touch your right elbow, then your left knee to touch your left elbow. These ones should be done slowly to feel the burn!

Part 3: Partner Work

Halloween at the Gym 2014

  • Pass the pumpkin 2 ways: You will need a medicine ball for this one. First, stand back to back with a partner. Pass the ball to and from each other for 60 seconds. Then lay on the ground with your feet touching, and take turns tossing and catching the ball with each other as you do situps. Do this for 60 seconds. Then repeat the standing oblique move going in the other direction for 60 seconds, and do the situp toss and catch again for another 60.
  • Creepy crawlers: Facing your partner on all fours, crab walk backwards for four walks, then front for four walks, and clap hands (alternating one hand at a time) four times. Repeat in this pattern for 60 seconds.
  • Candy crunches: Sit side by side to your partner, but facing opposite directions. Do oblique crunches toward each other, high fiving at the top of the crunch. You will be working opposite sides for 60 seconds, then switch to finish the other side for another 60 seconds.
  • Jack o’lantern jumps: With your partner, take turns doing squat jumps (frogger style) until together you total 100 jumps.

Part 4: Floor Work

  • BOOty burners: Lying on one side with your hips and knees stacked, bring your top knee down in front of you so it touches the floor, then extend your leg back up so you press your heel into the air, aiming toward the top corner of the room. Do 3 sets of 10, then 10 reps of leg lowers and lifts, then 10 circles front, and 10 circles back. Repeat on the other side. You can get a better idea of this one here.
  • Vampire v-sits: Just do regular v-sits with 10 slow reps. Start lying on the ground, arms extended overhead. Come up to a “V” position so your legs are extended/lifted in front of you. Hold 3 seconds, then come back down to your starting point.
  • Scary supermans: Lying on your stomachs, extend your arms in front of you, keeping your neck in a neutral position. Simultaneously lift your arms and legs up toward the ceiling. Hold for 3 seconds, then come back down. Repeat for 10 reps. We actually didn’t have time for these this morning, but that’s okay.

Halloween at the Gym 2014

So fun! Thanks everyone for getting into the Halloween spirit!

–Let’s chat–
Instructors, are you doing anything Halloween-ish in your classes this week? Costumes, theme rides, playlists, moves? Readers, have you gone to any Halloween inspired fitness events? What’s your favorite Halloween song to workout to?

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