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You’re an active woman who likes working out.

You’re all in when it comes to a fitness challenge.

You enjoy going to the gym with your set plan and getting it done… for the most part anyways, we’re all human!


But when it comes to nutrition, you feel like there’s a missing link.


After working with Athena, it is clear that I have gained so much more than I have lost. My 17 pounds lost does feel incredible, but what feels even better is my confidence level, the way I show up for myself and in relationships, and knowing I am in control of my own story.


You’re doing all the right things – you meal prep, you eat veggies, you drink your water, you don’t binge every night – so it’s frustrating when you don’t see the results you’re looking for or that progress seems like it’s taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

And with everything you have going on (us women are pulled in SO many directions), it’s easier to just grab your weights, go for a run, or hit play on your favorite virtual fitness class than it is to sort through all the information out there and decide what to try next when it comes to the way you eat. 

You’re not even sure what your options are, because there’s no way you’re trying Keto or signing up for Weight Watchers. You don’t want to give up the foods you love!

You’re at a loss for what your next best steps are, and you really don’t have the time to be Googling it all yourself, so you continue doing what you’re doing with your fingers crossed that the nutrition pieces will just fall into place.

If they don’t, you’ll try to make some changes when it feels like a better time.

Deep down, this approach doesn’t sit well for you.

You’re driven, you’re ambitious, and sitting on the sidelines hoping things come together is not how you’ve become successful in other areas of your life!

You want to feel on point and confident, not like you are shooting at the wall and hoping something sticks, especially in an area that plays such an important role in not only your workout performance and physique goals, but in your overall longevity and quality of life.


I am showing up differently in my relationships, with my kids, and at work. I find myself improving my sleeping habits, having more energy during the day at work, and being more focused. The other thing I have gained from this experience is an improved attitude toward my life. Every day I wake up and know that with Athena’s help, I have the tools to continue making myself the best version of me!

~Shruti S~


A 10 week group coaching program for active and ambitious women who want to get more intentional about nutrition without needing to change their entire routine so they can feel confident, consistent, and in control no matter what life throws at them.

Ambition Nutrition is your practical solution for lasting nutrition habits that support your love for both fitness AND food!


Athena’s anti-perfect philosophy has helped me in so many ways. I used to quit workouts and “diets” because I couldn’t do them perfectly. Now, I just keep moving forward by making the best choices I can, having so many tools and supports at my fingertips!


In Ambition Nutrition, you will:


Get back to basics.

One of the reasons nutrition is overwhelming is because you see and hear about so many different ways of eating, with new foods popping up every year that you should or shouldn’t eat. Quiet the unnecessary noise, get crystal clear on what habits actually matter for your goals and why, and free up your mental energy for more important things!


Learn to eat to support your fitness and metabolism.

Gone are the days of “eat less, exercise more” as the solution to your goals. Eating too few calories is not only hurting your performance in the gym and creating an unhealthy relationship with food, but it’s a stressful situation for the female metabolism and truly no way to live! Get clinical about things like whether you’re eating enough protein to support your lifts, understand how to adjust what you’re eating depending on the goal you’re working on, and enjoy the difference in how you show up in your workouts – stronger, more energized, and able to recover appropriately!


Understand how to work WITH your body, not against it.

Discover what the phrase “listen to your body” actually means and how to do it! Learn how to use food as information to help you make empowered decisions, instead of eating according to random rules or a clock. Determine your individual hunger cues, figure out what your cravings are actually trying to tell you, and learn to create balanced meals that won’t leave you hungry 1 or later or nose-diving into the snack cabinet come evening.


Feel in control of your food choices no matter the circumstances.

Girls nights, vacations, holidays, going out to eat, busy seasons at work, stressful days with your kids, and unexpected things interrupting your time to meal prep are a part of life. Learn exactly how to confidently navigate these situations – especially the ones you can’t plan for – so they don’t constantly leave you feeling off track, not good enough, and needing to do better next time. Not only that, but you will arrive at a place where one less than perfect decision doesn’t derail your next meal or the rest of the week.


Create an enjoyable and balanced way of eating to last a lifetime.

Nutrition is not meant to be something you work on for a while and then one day you don’t have to pay attention any more. Develop strategies that will help automate your day to day eating so that food is one less thing to think about, and know that you have the tools you need to sustain healthy habits for the long haul, well after these 10 weeks end!

Ambition Nutrition is not just a program about WHAT to eat.

When you can simply enjoy food in balance every day, it frees you to do more of the things you actually want to be doing: spending time outside with your family, starting that side hustle, taking that class you’ve always wanted to take, getting promoted at work, being present with your friends, you name it!

Ambition Nutrition is about become an #EmpoweredEater and being able to live FULLY and FREELY!



Despite feeling like I was eating all the right things, after turning 50 and working with Athena, it became pretty clear that I had room for improvement. Athena helped me create more balanced meals which has helped me cut back on my snacking. We also worked on strategies for sticking with healthy choices when I have to socialize or travel for work. This was extremely helpful going into the summer months where I had several trips planned. Working with Athena gave me realistic and actionable guidance that I now consider to be part of my lifestyle – as in forever changes!


Hi, I’m Athena Concannon.

I’m an ACSM certified personal trainer, a Precision Nutrition L1 nutrition coach, and the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena.

And I’m so excited to be your Ambition Nutrition coach.

I know from my own personal experience that nutrition is something that can be either really easy to just ignore OR something that you can become really hyper focused on, fast.

Neither place is a healthy place to be.

This is why I created a program that introduces you to a middle ground approach, focuses more on HOW to eat than WHAT to eat, and teaches it in a way that feels manageable and realistic for what your life *actually* looks like – without mainstream messaging holding you to some pretty unrealistic ideals.

Let me tell you a little bit more about my own nutrition history:

Even though the only diet I ever officially tried was the South Beach diet after gaining 20 pounds in freshman year of college, I’ve unknowingly let diet culture and all the things I saw other people doing on social media completely influence the way I thought about food and the things I thought I had to do in order to be “healthy.”

And because I have what we’ll just call some perfectionist tendencies, and I like to do things “correctly” (rule follower here!), I spent way too many years operating with a borderline orthorexic mentality that truly stopped me from living as my best self:


Restricting/limiting carb intake


Labeling foods as good/bad


Prepping all my food for the week on Sundays


Feeling stressed about restaurant menus that didn’t have healthy enough options on them


Making Paleo desserts (and eating a LOT of them) instead of just eating 1 real deal cookie and moving on


Feeling like any less than perfect eating decisions meant I had to wait until Monday to start over or that I had to do hours of cardio to “undo the damage.”

Just to name a few!


I began Athena’s coaching program pretty consistent about exercise and eating decent. I was self-confident and accepting of my body but looking for change and not seeing it. My motivation for working with Athena was to get myself out of “good enough” mode and start meeting my potential. I knew I needed goals and a challenge and Athena has given me that. I wasn’t looking for a complete overhaul or a diet, and Athena helped me tweak my actions and thinking in ways that work for my lifestyle and help me see change physically.

~Laura H~

I also have had my fair share of eating habits + thoughts about food that definitely have NOT served me, such as eating as a reward at the end of the day (don’t I “deserve” to have this?!) or experiencing FOMO around food (don’t want to “miss out” on that ice cream if my husband is having some too!).

These are the types of habits that you and I both know are really easy to let slide more often than ideal, if we don’t pay attention!

Then, in 2014, I got serious about strength training and started taking a more intentional approach with my fitness. I quickly realized that if I wanted to feel my best during higher intensity workouts and start building some lean muscle, I’d need to start eating more intentionally too – and in a way to actually support my metabolism and my efforts in the gym – nutrition is a huge piece of the recovery puzzle, after all. It’s not just about rest days and sleep!

I decided to take a closer look at my own eating habits – nobody else could do that for me – and here’s what happened:


I realized I wasn’t eating nearly enough. I started questioning where this 1200 calories per day gold standard actually came from – it was NOT for me.


I learned my meals weren’t actually balanced to keep me satisfied and satiated throughout the day. Once I added more calories, carbs, and fat – in appropriate amounts – my energy levels skyrocketed, I could get through workouts without feeling depleted, and my nighttime snacking decreased big time.


I got more clinical and realized I wasn’t eating nearly enough protein. I came up with ways to bump that up without needing to add all these extra meals and snacks.


I discovered I wasn’t in tune with my hunger cues AT ALL. In fact, I ate more according to a clock and Tupperware containers than I did when my body actually needed/wanted food.


Nevermind that I was still doing all the not-so-healthy things that I just bulleted above!


I made a conscious choice to start unlearning so much of what I thought I needed to do to get results, challenging nutritional “norms,” and begin creating my OWN nutrition playbook.

My body responded in the ways I had been wanting it to for years. The number on the scale went up actually, but I could see muscle definition, my body composition re-shifted, and I dropped a few pant sizes.

More importantly, my mindset around food completely shifted. 

In fact, the very reason I became a nutrition coach years after becoming a fitness instructor and personal trainer was to help rule-following women like me give themselves FULL PERMISSION to start operating outside of the lines and stop living according to a bunch of shoulds.

Now I play by my own rules, and this is exactly what I’m going to help you do in Ambition Nutrition!



I signed up for Ambition Nutrition because I totally love Athena’s practical approach to fitness and nutrition. She breaks things down into achievable steps so you’re not trying to accomplish everything at once. I appreciated the weekly videos and open ended questions to help me interact with the materials and customize them to what I needed.

Most importantly, she helps you build your own blueprint by the end of the program so you leave with a game plan of what to do going forward. I feel like I’ll be able to come back to that over and over again when I need a reminder of what to focus on. Best nutrition program I’ve participated in!

Athena creates a positive space full of possibilities. She meets you where you are, and helps you move towards where you want to be. Her whole philosophy is how to make things work from a place of empowered decision making.  She worked WITH me on how to be more thoughtful about the nutrition choices I’m making and find solutions that work for me and my family. I’ve never felt more empowered as I did when working with her and that’s something I can take with me for the rest of my life.


When you join Ambition Nutrition, I will take you through my signature R4 Method, which is my 4 step system for revamping your nutrition habits.


What I absolutely love about the R4 Method is that it is the perfect format for you if you tend to bite off more than you can chew, like a lot of the women I work with do!

Instead of tackling too many changes at once, which nobody has the capacity or bandwidth to do successfully/sustainably, it helps you slow down, and do one thing at a time.

You’ll drill down into different topics over the 10 week program in a drip fed format. Then you can continue to reinforce each new habit and new concepts learned as you move through each phase/week of the program.

Here’s exactly how it will look:


Don’t be fooled, this is not a juice cleanse! In Phase 1 of Ambition Nutrition, we will focus on getting back to basics with what I call “The Key 3” – water, protein, and fiber. These are the 3 nutrition fundamentals that I use time and time again with clients!

If you are just starting out, this trifecta helps get some quick wins under your belt.

If you feel like you need to reign it in just a little bit after letting some habits slide, these are always the areas to come back to.

And if you want to get a bit more in depth and clinical with portions, The Key 3 is also a great place to start.


After you make some simple shifts right off the bat, we will dive into diet culture influence and explore the types of messages you’ve been taking in for years that might be affecting your results. We will break down concepts like:

  • Balance – what a balanced meal looks like, how to incorporate carbs + fats, using calories as information, consuming alcohol and desserts in moderation, etc.
  • Mindfulness – what a mindful choice ACTUALLY is, slowing down strategies, using hunger cues instead of your emotions or environment to drive your choices, etc.
  • Consistency – breaking away from the 21 meals a week needing to be perfect mentality, overcoming the most common obstacles that make you feel off track, etc.


Phase 3 of Ambition Nutrition is unique because something that’s missing from other programs out there is something to combat the inevitable timeframe when the novelty of starting something new starts to wear off.

From my years of coaching experience, I know when to anticipate your initial excitement levels dropping. I will not only help you normalize this, but I will also help you combat it so you can stay the course.

During this phase of the program, you will learn more about motivation, including the essential 3 things all people need to stay motivated for the long haul. You will also learn about the different types of motivation you can harness moving forward so “I just don’t feel like it” doesn’t become a barrier ever again.



Finally, in phase 4, we will work on taking what you’ve learned through the first 3 phases of the program and start creating your own personal #EmpoweredEating formula.

We will assess the habits that have become no brainers for you, create a list of go meal menu of options that you know keep you satisfied, and identify the tools and strategies that have resonated the most so we can create your personal nutrition blueprint.

We will also take a look at your personal seasons of the year – when is work the busiest? when do you usually go on vacation with your family? – so you can plan when realistically makes the most sense to focus on fat loss versus maintenance versus muscle building phases and get yourself set up for success!

Again, a lot gets lost trying to do too many things at once. This framework is designed to help keep you focused as you learn new concepts at a reasonable and doable pace.

Nutrition truly doesn’t have to be rocket science if you give yourself permission to simplify and stop making things harder than they need to be!

Program Curriculum Week by Week:

Onboarding: Taking Personal Inventory + Getting Clear

Week 1: Hydration Hacks

Week 2: Protein Power Up

Week 3: The Deal with Fiber

Week 4: Creating Balanced Meals + Getting Curious About Calories

Week 5: Slowing Down + Eating Mindfully

Week 6: Understanding Hunger + Cravings

Week 7: Overcoming Barriers to Consistency

Week 8: Operation Motivation

Week 9: Putting It All Together with Your Personal Blueprint

Week 10: Sustaining Your Habits Long Term


Athena helped me establish habits that felt manageable for ME. What does life look like now? I feel good from when I wake up to falling asleep (on most days anyways, I’m still human!).  I can now eat cake and pizza with my kids and not feel guilty, because I’ve planned for it and ate mindfully earlier that day OR because I’m living in the moment and now trust that one meal like that won’t derail anything.


Here’s What’s Included in Ambition Nutrition:

Weekly video lessons + worksheets

You will receive each week’s lesson material in a video format.

Each lesson is around 20 minutes and designed to be watched on your own schedule.

Each video lesson also comes with a corresponding worksheet with specific action items for accountability.

The lessons will be drip fed over the course of the program, ensuring a manageable format and keeping you laser focused on 1 thing at a time.

3 group coaching calls

Each call will kick off with a LIVE training from Athena to enhance the weekly video lessons and then open up for coaching.

The calls provide the opportunity to ask questions and troubleshoot any challenges you might be having. You’ll also get to hear what others are working on, exchange ideas, and connect with each other.

The calls provide yet another layer of accountability because when you’re expected to show up for something, you will!


Daily support from me and your fellow Ambition Nutrition members

I will be available Monday-Friday in a private Facebook group to help you set realistic goals each week and answer any questions you have between Zoom calls on the weekly lesson materials.

The group will also act as a place to share ideas with other members, encourage each other, celebrate your wins on good days, and non-judgmentally support each other through any setbacks.

I know from personal experience that being around other women who “get it” is incredibly helpful. The accountability you can provide each other and the relationships you’ll develop will be well worth it.

Access to the Ambition Nutrition membership portal

You will receive access to a password protected portal where all the program material will be housed.

This is where you will be able to access not only all video lessons and worksheets, but any supplemental resources to help enhance your learning with each week’s lesson, links to all the Zoom calls, and more.

Having everything in one spot will help keep you organized – it’s a huge time saver to not have to be digging through emails to find what you need.

I truly want to make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible!


Ambition Nutrition provided me with all the tools to reach my fitness goals. I’ve always been a gym rat and able to eat a lot of protein, but Athena really helped me with my mindset about food and being able to understand why I was operating in a certain way.

I loved the weekly videos, reflection worksheets, and the incredible information provided in the membership portal. I have referenced them many times. They are a great resource, and I love knowing I can look back to them any time in my journey.



FREE! Weekly Office Hour Access with Athena

With weekly office hour access to Athena, you will have the opportunity to hop on Zoom for any questions you have about the program material. This is an incredible opportunity to receive some 1:1 coaching time in a group coaching program. Being able to affirm you are on the right path and get any clarifications you need on the spot will enhance your program experience.

FREE! Understanding Your Hormones Training

Get access to a pre-recorded training from guest expert and women’s health dietitian Amanda Montalvo. You will learn what hormone imbalances are and how to know if you have them. Amanda’s immense knowledge and expertise will help you understand what is at the root of all hormone imbalances and discuss nutrition’s role, so you can work to prevent and improve them in the future.



Working with Athena has been life-changing, and that’s not me being hyperbolic. I have felt so much less stuck not only in the fitness and nutrition areas of my life, but also in loving myself and celebrating what I can do. Working with Athena has shown me that it is the little changes and the shifts in habits and beliefs that are where the magic happens. She has shown me that above all else, we make choices for ourselves and that my goals are my goals, even if others might have things to say about them, I am in control. Sometimes we need a little kick in the butt to get there though, and I’m so glad Athena has been by my side to do that.


Again, Ambition Nutrition is for you if:


You generally know WHAT to do when it comes to nutrition, but you just need a little help actually doing it. It’s putting it all together in a way that works for you, the types of workouts you’re doing, and the specifics of YOUR life that can feel tricky (and is why cookie cutter solutions don’t work for you).


You’d love help breaking down what actually matters about nutrition in a drip fed, step by step format, so it’s more manageable than trying to tackle everything at once.


You’d love in-depth and customized strategies that go beyond the usual drink more water, eat more protein, more veggies, and stop snacking out of habit/boredom! You need more practical takeaways on HOW so you can apply + actually sustain the changes.


You know it’s inevitable that busier, stressful times will happen. You’d love a personal formula you can come back to any time you want to reset in a way that works for you, instead of feeling off the rails and that you have to start completely over again.


You already have enough decisions to make daily, and what to eat adds to your mental load. Having an expert to help you make sense of the more confusing parts of nutrition would mean 1 less thing for YOU to research/figure out on your own.


You want to feel better + increase your energy by nourishing the 1 body you have. You know if you’re making educated + empowered choices, you’ll feel in control, comfortable with your decisions (yes even the ones mainstream messaging says are bad), and confident in your body.


What I valued most about Athena’s approach in Ambition Nutrition is that she gets you to really think holistically about what can serve you in your daily life when it comes to food exercise. She asks you to get to the bottom of your own mindset, and to consider incremental shifts that feel manageable and work within the patterns of your own life. This is so different from the all-or-nothing and very cookie cutter approach I see on so much fitness social media accounts. More than anything, I love that now I want to think about how to ADD protein, ADD muscle, ADD joy and pleasure in eating, rather than reduce calories and inhibit myself. Thank you!!!!!



 I’m so happy I signed up for Ambition Nutrition! I learned so many things and gained so many skills working with Athena. Throughout the entire program she provided numerous strategies to help me make the changes I wanted. My outlook on food has changed significantly. I’m less anxious, less worried, more confident in general, and now feel so much more in control of my food choices!!



The investment for Ambition Nutrition is $497 for the full 10 week program, which breaks down to less than $50 per week.

This is a true investment in YOU, and I’m a big believer in getting what you pay for.

How are all those free recipes you’re collecting working out for you? All the recipes in the world can’t help you dismantle the diet culture mentality you’re stuck in, or combat your stress eating habit once and for all, or teach you how to eat to build muscle.

And what about the free nutrition trainings you keep signing up for or free nutrition cheatsheets you keep downloading? Do they end up sitting in your inbox, unwatched and unread, something you’ll get to later because you had no skin in the game?

Let’s put $50 a week in perspective a little bit:

  • $50 *could* cover a month of Weight Watchers… but I’ve never met anyone who’s only done Weight Watchers once.


  • $50 can’t even cover HALF the cost of 1 chocolate Shakeology order LOL.


  • $50 definitely doesn’t cover a single personal training session these days, where all you’d get is ONE workout.


  • You’d drop at least $50 on your nice weekend meal out with apps and drinks. Minimum!


  • $50 a week – could that be one less mani/pedi a week for the sake of cultivating simple and sustainable eating habits that you can come back to over and over again?

You are 100% worth it, and you only have 1 body.

This is your opportunity, right here, right now, to take action toward discovering a way of eating that you enjoy, energizes you, supports your fitness goals, and feels completely doable for any season of life you’re in.


My coaching time with Athena was SO POWERFUL! I came into it feeling like I was in a negativity vortex. Although before signing up for coaching I was a regular gym rat and a runner, I had put on weight, my clothes didn’t fit, and I had developed some bad eating habits. Plus my metabolism is slowing down as I get older, and it felt like everything was just spiraling out of control. Something about Athena’s philosophy really clicked with me. We worked together to identify the issues that needed to be addressed, and we talked about solutions and then broke those solutions down into manageable goals on a weekly basis. Athena was always accessible and willing to talk through any issues, habits, or problems that came up for me. Sure enough, I began to slowly change my eating habits, lose some weight, and feel stronger and more in control of my life. Working with Athena, I lost 15 lbs and 2 jean sizes, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, I have made changes to my lifestyle and eating habits that will stay with me for my lifetime! 



When does the program start?

The Spring 2021   round of Ambition Nutrition will kick off on Monday, March 29th. It will run for 10 weeks through Sunday, June  6th. I am really excited about the timing of this program so you can work on all these changes before summer – in a completely different way than most programs would have you do. 

What happens after I sign up? Is there an onboarding process?

After you join the program, you will receive an email to your inbox within 10-15 minutes that outlines all your next steps. You will get access to the Ambition Nutrition program portal where the lesson material will live, and you’ll be invited to the Facebook group where the day to day coaching access will take place. You will also receive a Get Started packet that you can begin working on before the official kick off on the 29th.

Will you be providing a meal plan?

I am never going to be a nutrition coach who tells you exactly what to eat, in an exact amount, at an exact time of day. There are no meal plans included in Ambition Nutrition. That said, there will be plenty of guidance on how to create balanced meals that work for you and food ideas and suggestions provided.

Are workouts included?

Workouts are not included in Ambition Nutrition. My goal is to help you focus on ONE thing! In my experience, when workouts are provided too, it’s easier to simply focus on the fitness side of things and push nutrition to the side. Ambition Nutrition is designed for active women who want to elevate their eating habits and get more intentional with their approach to food.

I’m not really a big Facebook user. Is that okay?

Yes, absolutely. What I recommend for people who aren’t big Facebook users is to either create a dummy account that you will use solely for participation in the Ambition Nutrition coaching group, or I can help you set up your Facebook account so that your newsfeed gets blocked when you sign in. Please know that the weekly lesson material and resources will be provided outside of Facebook in a private membership portal. The Facebook group is simply there so you have access to me if you need coaching support or have questions about the weekly lesson material in between our group Zoom calls. How much you do or do not participate is up to you, and it’s considered mainly an extra. 

What if I can’t make a scheduled Zoom call?

Each group coaching call will be recorded, and you will have the opportunity to watch the replay at a later date. You can also submit your questions ahead of time, and I will address.

I’m feeling unsure and think a phone call would help me feel more confident that this is the right program for me. Is that something you offer?

Yes, absolutely! I always want to make sure the women I work with are completely confident in their decisions, and sometimes talking it out is what helps seal the deal either way. I am booking free, no-obligation connection consults for this purpose. Don’t hesitate to book one here, I’d love to chat with you.

What if I am already a part of your Empowered Together Coaching Club? Can I participate?

Yes, Empowered Together Coaching Club members can absolutely participate in Ambition Nutrition. If you are looking for a more intimate group setting and focused step by step approach than ETCC, it’s a good fit.

Do you offer a payment plan?

While there is no wiggle room on the cost of the program, there is flexibility for those who may prefer to pay in 2 installments of $299 each. If this is your situation, please email Athena directly at

Will this program be offered again?

Yes, but I am not sure when! If I don’t offer it in Fall 2021, it wouldn’t be until next year.

What if group programs aren’t my thing or I think I’d prefer to work with you privately?

Totally fine! You can always apply for a 1:1 coaching spot. You can find the application and schedule a free connection consult here. Then we can chat further about whether any of my private coaching options would be a better fit for you.

What my clients are saying about working with me:


l couldn’t figure out how to escape the cycle of all or nothing when it came to fitness and nutrition. I knew how to eat and move in order to be healthy, but viewed a “good” day as one when I followed those “rules” and a “bad” day as one where I didn’t. It was exhausting and wasn’t getting me anywhere.

I knew that I was looking for something much more than weight loss, but a real change in my approach.

Since I started working with Athena, I haven’t had a “getting ready meltdown.” My clothes fit so much better, I look for veggie opportunities every single day, I have more energy and sleep SO much better than I used to, and I am proud of what I have accomplished!

I’m so glad I invested in myself and in Athena’s Ambition Nutrition program. I learned a lot of new information, and had the chance to practice applying that knowledge with the ongoing support of Athena and the other women in the group. It was so helpful to work in a smaller group to learn, reflect, and grow. I wish there was a round II! I would recommend this program for anyone looking to take a closer look at their nutrition and set themselves up for healthy choice-making!



When I started with Athena, I was eating generally healthy in terms of calories, protein, veggies, carbs, etc. but I was also in the habit of having some kind of edible “treat” every day. Similarly, there were certain sweets that I felt I had little or no control around. Being able to take baby steps with this stuff and have Athena there to talk through everything and get tips has COMPLETELY changed my mindset around food, self-care, and addressing my feelings and needs.

I now know how to make empowered choices about my food – nothing is ever off limits and I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want! If I was reading that last line before doing coaching with Athena, I would have thought something like “yeah right, so I can just have ice cream and cookies every day, then?” Sometimes I’m shocked at some of the mindset shifts I’ve been able to make (and I swear it wasn’t even that hard!).

I am so thankful to have Athena break things down for me – I knew a lot of the basic principles but she has broken it down so much more specifically so I know exactly what I have to do! I feel like Athena has really set me up for lifelong success and I feel like the investment in myself was COMPLETELY worth it. Overall, I am a happier and more balanced person.



I was in a rut of feeling bad for myself and struggling to start or find any consistency. Learning to listen to my hunger cues and slow down while more mindfully eating has been a game changer for me. I love the mindset of empowered indulgences and choosing treats over feeling guilty for it – I feel more in control and I’m more aware of those decisions. I’ve lost 10 lbs while working together, but more importantly, I’m happier, I’ve gained confidence, and have established lasting habits,

I’ve always considered myself a relatively healthy person but Athena has shown me that even small improvements can add up, consistency is key, and life will get in the way some days, but that’s okay! If you need help navigating the fad fitness and diet culture society we live in, seek Athena’s guidance and expertise! I’ve gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from her and I’m empowered to continue on my journey.”



I am really proud of how much I took this opportunity to change some habits, learn some new ones, and make some changes. I definitely increased my veggie intake and see that as a more integral part of meals but more importantly I understand WHY. I have learned to incorporate things like legumes into my diet to increase my fiber, and I have learned that for some reason, smaller bags of snacks work for me, it never occurs to me to eat various small bags , although it would be the same amount as eating a lot more of the larger bag. I am able to stop with the smaller amount if it’s set that way, and I’ll take it. I learned about egg whites and protein balls, I stopped craving pasta all of the time because I stopped “saving” my carbs for dinner. Mainly, I’m able to look at the entirety of the situation and not feel that “off track” because of one meal, a day, or a week. It would have to be a lifestyle of off track, and I’m not on that track! So that feels great!



My biggest takeaway from this program has really been about adaptability– and learning how to be kind to myself. People change, the past year has been a whirlwind of raising a tiny human, breastfeeding woes, and a global pandemic, and the fact that I don’t look the same way that I did in high school is fine! I’m not saying that I have completely eliminated negative self talk, but I have become better at handling it. Daily definites have been a huge help in terms of mindset, and have helped me prioritize veggies, daily walks, and water! It’s important to me that my daughter grows up and is not obsessed with her weight, or equating thinness with happiness or “goodness”, and this program has been a good start in undoing so much negativity.


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