Abstastic April


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Workout Overviews

Lower Body Lift

Glute Awakening


1. Band resisted Romanian
tempo deadlifts                             
3-4 x 6-10

Rest 1-2 minutes

2. High step ups
3-4 x 6-10

Rest 1 minute

3A. Goblet squat to reverse lunge

3B.  Kickstand glute bridges

8-10 minutes AMRAP

8-10 reps each move

Rest as needed

4. Side lying hip raises
3 x 20 RL

Rest 30-60 seconds between sides

IF TIME  April Abs Finisher

2-4 times through, rest as needed:

● Wall sit – aim to increase time each round

● Straight arm plank with alternating leg lift x 5-10 RL

● Forward lunge with oblique twist x5-10 RL

● Forearm plank with banded glider slides x 5-10 RL 2-4 times through

Upper Body Lift




1. Tempo bench press                3-4 x 6-10

Rest 1-2 minutes

2. Single arm cross body rows
3-4 x 6-10 RL

Rest 1 minute

3A. Dumbbell chest fly

3B. Floor seated alternating Arnold presses
8-10 minutes AMRAP

8-10 reps each move

Rest as needed

4A. Pushups to shoulder taps

4B. Half kneeling chop + lift
8-10 minutes AMRAP

8-10 reps each move

Rest as needed

IF TIME April Abs Finisher

2-4 times through, rest as needed:

● Balanced single arm triceps kickbacks x 10-12

● Tall kneeling tempo hammer curls x 10-12 (up 2 down 2)

● Slow mountain climbers x 10-12 (pause 3-5 seconds)

● Alternating V ups x 10-12

Total Body Lift

Full Bloom


1. Eccentric pull-ups from box
3-4 x 6-10 

Rest 1-2 minutes

2A. Paused tempo hip thrusts
3-4 x 6-10

Rest 1-2 minutes

3A. DB or BB push press            3 x 6-10 

Rest 1 minute

4. Band single leg deadlift to single arm row 
3 x 8-10 RL

Rest 30 seconds between sides

5A. DB or KB tempo pullover to bridge   

5B. Sumo squat to halo                8-10 minutes AMRAP

8-10 reps each

Rest as needed

IF TIME April Abs + Cardio Finisher

2-4 x through, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off each move, rest as needed.

● 2 plank jacks to alternating down dog reach

● Side plank with elbow tap R

● Side plank with elbow tap L

● Inchworm to 2 squat jacks

Weekend Warrior

Ducks In a Row

Cash In

1A. Pallof press                                   2-3 x 8-10 RL

1B. Single leg isometric bridge with single leg lowering            2-3 x 6-10 RL

Rest 30-60 seconds

10-15 minutes AMRAP

2A. Sumo deadlift                       10

2B. Sumo bent over row             8

2C. Side lunge to single arm upright row                                           6 RL

2D. Pushups                                         4

Rest as needed

Cash Out

3. Hanging knee or leg raises     2-3 x 8-10

Rest 30-60 seconds 


Bonus Cardio

April Fools

1. Walking plank to mountain climbers                                  

2. Switch jumps to plyo lunges

3. Beast taps                                      

4. Skater hops                                   

5. Fast feet to burpee                 

3-5 x 45:15                                       

Rest as needed                               

Bonus Core

   Ball of Fire                                          

1A. Stability ball rollouts              2-3 x 10                                                

1B. Stability ball dead bug          2-3 x 5-10 RL                                    

 Rest 30-60 seconds                     


2A. Stability ball pikes                   2-3 x 10                                                 

2B. Stability ball leg                        extension                                             2-3 x 10                                                

Rest 30-60 seconds                      


3A. Stability ball pass                      2-3 x 5-10                                            

3B. Stability ball stir the pot       2-3 x 5-10 RL                                     

Rest 30 – 60 seconds                                

Additional Resources

Pop Up Events

There will be 2 virtual Move to Help classes this month. Please pay what you can and register ahead of time. We are working on getting the sign up links ready for these and will let you know once they are ready! A replay will be sent out to those who sign up, even if you cannot attend LIVE.

Arms + Abs
Thursday, April 15th at 12:30pm EST


Arms + Abs

Thursday, April 29th at 12:30pm EST


I am excited to welcome guest expert and fellow coach Victoria Dosen to host a training for us on all things CORE. Please mark your calendars for Monday, April 12th. A finalized time and more information will be provided shortly.

All Things Core with Guest Expert Victoria Dosen
Monday, April 12th at 12:30pm EST
Held on Facebook LIVE in the group

ETCC Book Club Read

For anyone interested in participating, there will be a thread in the Facebook group to discuss Molly Galbraith’s new book, Strong Women Lift Each Other Up.  The discussion will go up week of April 26th!