Glute Awakening


Glute Awakening


1. Band resisted Romanian
tempo deadlifts   

 3-4 x 6-10

Rest 1-2 minutes

2. High step ups

3-4 x 6-10

Rest 1 minute

3A. Goblet squat to reverse lunge

3B.  Kickstand glute bridges

8-10 minutes AMRAP

8-10 reps each move

Rest as needed

4. Side lying hip raises

3 x 20 RL

Rest 30-60 seconds between sides

IF TIME  April Abs Finisher

2-4 times through, rest as needed:

● Wall sit – aim to increase time each round

● Straight arm plank with alternating leg lift x 5-10 RL

● Forward lunge with oblique twist x5-10 RL

● Forearm plank with banded glider slides x 5-10 RL 2-4 times through