Meet Laura!

This year, I’m excited to share a monthly series spotlighting some of my amazing clients and Achieve with Athena ambassadors! If you missed the previous months, you can find them here:

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This month, meet Laura! Laura and I worked together in several group programs before she became a 1:1 client in 2018. Laura is a great example of someone who KNEW the broad strokes of fitness and nutrition, but was feeling aimless and frustrated at not seeing results. Read on for more about how we were able to dig in and provide her with the tools to actually set and reach new goals!

*Responses have been slightly edited for clarity. 


Meet Laura!

How long have you been working with Athena?

I began working with Athena when she ran Master Your Meal Prep in the spring of 2017 and then I did her group course “Learn to Lift,” which led me to one-on-one coaching in the spring of 2018. I’ve maintained a 1:1 program with Athena since then.

What did your fitness and nutrition look like before working with her?

I would sum up my approach to fitness and nutrition before working with Athena as aimless. I have always been physically active, having grown up as a competitive figure skater, and maintained regular activity as an adult. My routine was to go to the gym around 5 days per week, but I had no focus. I would mostly hop on the cardio equipment along with a group strength class I attended. On the nutrition front, I had a story in my mind about dieting and took pride in never being on a diet. However, I didn’t have the skillset to fuel my body effectively, so I was frustrated when I felt like I was eating okay, exercising frequently, but gaining a tiny bit of weight every year. I started realizing that my aimless approach to working out and my lack of knowledge about nutrition were no longer working for me. I knew that hiring Athena would allow me to do things I couldn’t do on my own.

What are some of the most impactful changes you’ve made over the years? Have these changes helped the way you show up outside of the gym too?

Athena’s simplified approach to nutrition allowed me to incorporate more veggies into my meals, become aware of eating enough protein, and be more mindful and selective about fats and carbs – incorporating what I like intentionally for satisfaction and in balance. We took a more intentional approach to nutrition and knowing my aversion to restriction and dieting, Athena helped me approach fat loss in a customized and minimal way that felt really do-able for me. 

I now enjoy exercise and find meaning in workouts beyond just staying active. I have goals and can notice progress in ways that are fun and meaningful to me. I have a plan (or options of workouts to choose from) when I walk into the gym so I can use my time effectively and it’s one less decision I have to make in my day. Having personalized workouts means I know I will enjoy them, and I can see my progress over the weeks and months toward specific goals.

“When I walk into the gym, I can use my time effectively and it’s one less decision in my day.”

What advice would you give to someone who feels hesitant about working with a fitness coach?

I have two beliefs about hiring a coach: I believe in aligning my investments with my priorities, and I believe in finding experts to support me with my goals. For me, investing in Athena as my fitness coach is investing in the life I am creating for myself this week and twenty years from now. As for her expertise, Athena’s zone of genius is sharing her deep knowledge of women’s health and offering customized support to help women break through the barriers and beliefs that have kept them stuck. If you’re ready to move past mediocrity to feeling a sense of achievement and balance with your health, then you’re ready to work with Athena.

If you could only do one strength move for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Barbell back squats give me a sense of achievement and progress, but I’ve made the most progress in upper body lifting. As my repertoire expands, I want to do it all forever!

What are you excited to continue focusing on in your journey?

I look forward to having different goals for different seasons. In the last year or so I had to let go of some lower body goals due to a hip injury and Athena helped me pivot my focus. Now I can proudly do a chin-up! I’m looking forward to being able to do multiples and soon turning my attention back to barbell deadlifts and squats. I appreciate that Athena doesn’t simply tell me what to do but co-creates a plan with me and educates me along the way. This allows me to become autonomous in some areas and seek her expertise for new things.

P.S. If you want to get more intentional with your fitness and nutrition and pursue your goals with an #AntiDietCulture mindset, book a connection call with Athena now!