This year, I’m excited to share a monthly series spotlighting some of my amazing clients and Achieve with Athena ambassadors! If you missed the previous months, you can find them here:

January – Kelsey

February – Ashley

March – Diana

April – Laura

May – Liz

Now, meet Liz! When we started working together, Liz always wanted to “go big” – jumping into a new diet or exercise program and then feeling guilty and blaming herself when the quick fixes didn’t work. As we worked together, she discovered sustainable changes she could make to her fitness and nutrition – but most importantly to her mindset!

*Responses have been slightly edited for clarity. 


Meet Liz!

How long have you been working with Athena?

I’ve worked with Athena for six years now.

What did your fitness and nutrition look like before working with her?

Before working with Athena, I was the typical yo-yo dieter. I did every fad diet, every big “workout plan” there was. I had always been an athlete growing up, and I missed that part of myself, but I struggled to bring it into my life in a sustainable way.

What are some of the most impactful changes you’ve made over the years? Have these changes helped the way you show up outside of the gym too?

I struggled with body image for years and years. It affected everything in my life – what I did, what I wore, how I felt about going out to dinner with friends or family. With Athena’s help, I did the hard and sometimes painful work to get through the mental hatred of my body. I learned to truly eat without guilt and work out with other goals in mind besides weight loss.

Now, I’m so much more present in my everyday life. I spend time with my kids and can try the cookies my daughter made without a second thought. I can go out for beers with friends, or an event where food is served, without either feeling “off track” or mentally planning all the cardio I’ll need to do to “make up” for my food intake.

“Now, I’m so much more present in my everyday life.”

What advice would you give to someone who feels hesitant about working with a fitness coach?

There is SO much noise out there. Working with a coach helps to quiet the noise and cut through all the layers of diet culture. Athena didn’t only simplify my fitness and nutrition, she also helped me identify easy, sustainable steps that were doable and approachable. Working with her took the guesswork and mental load out of figuring out my fitness and nutrition on my own.

If you could only do one strength move for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Bicep curls for sure.

What are you excited to continue focusing on in your journey?

I am excited to continue to tackle new and exciting adventures. It could be a heavier deadlift, climbing a mountain, running a marathon – or just enjoying playing in the backyard with my kids. I now get to do all these things with so much joy.

You can make powerful changes just like Liz. If you are ready to tackle goals that go beyond what your body looks like, and be fully present and joyful in your life, book a connection call with Athena and explore which of her coaching services is the best fit for you and your goals!