Welp, I’m back.

Yesterday I made “back to reality” my Facebook status, and apparently it sparked people to start singing.

Anyone have any lyrics they’d like to add?

Either way, I am adjusting back to Boston world after my long weekend getaway in Colorado.  Which was amaze-balls.  I loved, loved, loved it there.  I want to move to Boulder.  I’d been to Boulder for a few work trips before, but never for fun.  And I already want to go back.  Anyways, I have lots of recapping to do, so you’ll get all my pictures over the course of the next week.

1 sneak peek for now:

Since I didn’t get home until about 1 in the morning Monday night (Tuesday morning?) I worked from home yesterday.  This allowed for a little extra sleep, being able to catch up on work in the quiet of my home, and I also got to go grocery shopping on my lunch break since my fridge and cabinets were seriously bare.  I’m definitely ready to be back home and in my normal eating and working out routine.  I may even need a bit of detox – even though we stayed very active this weekend I definitely splurged in the food/booze department.

Grocery Shopping

Here’s what was in my grocery cart yesterday:


  • 1 bunch bananas
  • 3 nectarines
  • 1 package strawberries
  • 1 package blueberries
  • 1 package celery sticks
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 avocados
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 yellow squash
  • 1 red pepper
  • 2 packages baby spinach
  • 1 package mushrooms


  • 6 yogurts
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
  • 1 dozen eggs


  • 1 loaf 12 grain bread
  • 5 granola bars
  • 2 packages quinoa
  • 1 jar canned artichokes
  • 2 liters plain seltzer water
  • 1 container hummus

I’m excited to be stocked up on fruits and veggies again!!


When I got home from grocery shopping, I whipped up a new quinoa salad recipe for lunch.

Healthy quinoa salad with yogurt vinaigrette:

Thank you to Kristen at Be Fit With Kristen for posting the recipe as part of her Healthy Dinner Series!  I can’t wait to have this for leftovers throughout the rest of my week.  Also, I had a huge container of plain Greek yogurt that needed to be used soon, so I was happy to use it up for the yogurt dressing instead of being forced to throw it out.  I hate wasting food!

Sidenote:  If you missed my guest post on Kristen’s Healthy Dinner Series last week, here it is!

Workout & Playlist

Back to the gym I went for Two A Day Tuesday!  Christine subbed for Liz’s Kickboxing class, and then I taught my Circuit class.  It was extra fun because my mom came to both classes AND I did a Michael Jackson tribute class.  Here’s the sweet playlist:

Not sure what is better motivation than that?

The workout was a good one too!  For two Tuesdays in a row I’ve used Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up Workouts and adapted to Circuit class.  If you missed the first two, check out my versions of Workout 1 and Workout 2.  Last night I used Workout 3 and didn’t have to adapt any of the moves because of equipment except for the pushups.  Instead of a medicine ball, we just did the switch with hands on ground.  All moves and how to’s are explained in the video in her post!

Final class format looked like this:

  • Warmup
  • Round 1 of circuit above (for reps:  10 on each leg for lunges, 1 min of floor tap & jumps, 15 bicep curls + plie squat combo, 8 pushup hand switches on each side, 10 squat jumps + shuffles, 10 tricep dips, 10 tricep dips with toe touches)
  • Cardio:  Regular jump rope, side to side jump rope, front and back jump rope, right leg hops with left foot back, right leg hops with left knee up, left leg hops with right foot back, left log hops with right knee up, 10 side to side hops, 10 front and back hops, 10 figure 8’s starting right, 10 figure 8’s starting left.  Lots of jumping!
  • Round 2 of circuit above, same reps
  • Ab work on floor – Frog crunch countdowns
  • Glute/Thigh work on floor – Lying on side do 10 front and lift leg lifts, 10 regular leg lifts, 10 back and lift leg lifts, and 5 seconds of regular leg pulses.  Repeat on other side.
  • Ab work on floor – 50 crunches, 40 heel taps, 10 V-Ups
  • Stretch

Loved it!  Anyone recognize my mom in class?  She was the one in the blue t-shirt totally rocking all those pushups without needing to put her knees down – in EITHER round of the circuits.  Go Georgia!

After Classes

I came home, whipped up a quick dinner (an easy stir fry with shrimpies, mushies, orange pep, yellow squash, spinach, minced garlic, minced onion, basil, rosemary, rice vinegar, extra olive oil, sea salt, and ground pepper ), caught up with my roomies since I haven’t seen them in what feels like forevs, showered, then face planted.

How do you all adjust from vacation mode?  How do you plan for healthy detox weeks?  What’s your favorite Michael Jackson song?  Do your fitness instructors ever use themed playlists?  If you are a fitness instructor, do you use themed playlists?  What did you guys think of last night’s workout?