Yesterday I taught Burn & Build using the body bars.  Haven’t used body bars in so long!

Here’s the workout:


Cardio Set #1:  On the Step

  • Step ups leading with the right foot
  • Switch, step ups leading with the left foot
  • Jumping Jacks on the floor – 8 in each direction
  • Corner to Corner Hamstring Curls – Singles, then triple repeaters
  • Corner to Corner Knees – Singles, then triple repeaters
  • Charleston Kicks – 12 on each side
  • Jumping Jacks again – 8 in each direction

Strength (Legs – Quads / Hams, Biceps, Back)

  • Squats:  Place left foot on the step and body bar over shoulders.  Perform regular squats, then squats with a right leg lift.  After 10 leg lifts, hold the position up on the step.  Lower and lift the right leg. 
  • Bicep curls:  Holding the body bar with an underhand grip.  While curling up, extend the right leg forward for hamstring extensions.  (Balancing on the left leg).
  • Row:  Feet closer together, bent a little forward.  Holding bar with overhand grip, pull elbows back.  Repeat 3 sets of 8 and hold the last one.
  • Repeat squats on other side.
  • Repeat bicep curls with the left leg performing the ham extensions.
  • Repeat rows, but this time single armed rows.  With left foot on step and right foot directly behind the body on the floor, lean forward a bit and hold the bar in the right hand (bar should be perpendicular to your front).  Row 3 sets of 8, then repeat singles on other side. 

Cardio Set #2:  Floor Series

  • Front kick right, back kick left.  Do this pattern 8 in each direction.
  • Cross jacks
  • Front kick left, back kick right.  Do this pattern 8 in each direction.
  • Cross jacks
  • Jump Rope
  • Runners – feet only, then arms only, then combine both.

Strength (Legs, Glutes, Shoulders, Obliques)

  • Curtsy Lunges.  Using bar for balance – hold out to the right side of body.  Lunge the left leg behind the right like a curtsy.  Set of 8 bring foot to ankle.  Then lift knee up and press foot down to floor for 8.  Then combine – 8 curtsy lunges directly into the knee lift.  Finish with 8 knee pulses toward ceiling.
  • Overhead Presses.  Start with body bar resting on shoulders behind the body.  Press up to ceiling with both hands, lower in front of body.  Alternate up front then up back 3 sets of 8.
  • Repeat curtsy lunges on other side.
  • One armed press.  Holding body bar perpendicular again in right hand.  Press up to ceiling, lean over to the left side, straighten back out, lower bar.  Repeat for 2 sets (may need lighter bar here).  Repeat on other side.
  • Glute leg lifts.  Wrap body bar around right leg, resting on the right heel.  Balancing on left foot with left knee slightly bent, lift right leg directly behind body.  Do 3 sets of 8, finish with 8 pulses, then repeat on other side. 

Strength (Triceps, Chest, Abs)

  • Tricep Extensions.  Lying flat on back on step, raise body bar overhead with palms facing front.  Lower bar behind the head, squeezing triceps.  3 sets of 8.
  • Chest Press.  Lying flat on back on step, holding body bar over the chest with palms facing front.  Chest press up to ceiling and lower back down.  2 sets of 10, then one set of a slow press up with a faster lowering, and finish with a last set of faster raising up with a slower lowering down.
  • Tricep Dips – No body bar.  Sitting on step, hands next to hips on step, walk feet out in front.  Dip down and up 3 sets of 8.
  • Pushups – No body bar.  Feet on step, hands on floor.  10 pushups and then hold plank.

Strength (Glutes, Abs)

  • Bridges.  Lying flat on mat, body bar resting over abdomen.  Raise hips up to ceiling and lower down for 10.  Then hold up and isolate only the right side down and up for 10.  Repeat on left down and up for 10, then hold both sides up for 10 last seconds.
  • Abs:  Lying flat on floor, legs raised straight up over hips, holding bar up over chest.  Lower legs down at same time bar lowers behind the head.  8 with both legs at the same time, then hold bar up and lower/lift just the right leg for 8, just the left leg for 8, then back to 8 with both together adding the arms back in. 
  • Abs:  Lying flat on floor, legs extended in front of body, feet flexing back toward face.  Elbows in.  Crunch up for 10.  Lift right foot 6 inches off the floor, crunch up for 10.  Lift left foot 6 inches off the floor, crunch up for 10. 
  • Obliques:  Right foot on floor, left foot over right knee.  Crunch right shoulder to left knee 3 sets of 8 and finish with pulses.  Repeat on other side.
  • Plank:  Hold regular plank for 1 minute, lifting each foot off the floor for balance work.


Question for Commenting:  What’s your favorite piece of workout equipment??