The rain held out for round 3 of bootcamp tonight!  Yay.

I forgot to take pictures though.  My bad.

Here’s how I killed ’em:


  • 30 seconds mountain climbers
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 30 seconds side to side lunges
  • 1 jogging lap around field
  • Lower body stretch
  • Repeat series with upper body stretch

Combination One

  • Traveling squats across field.  At end, hold squat down.  Then 8 single squats and 8 pulses.
  • Football runners:  Just feet, then just hands, then hands and feet together.
  • Set of bicep curls:  Starting slow, then faster one arm at a time, then both arms, then pulse.
  • Shuffles down and back, down and back
  • Repeat series but do the traveling squats in the other direction and the bicep curls with palms out to the sides instead of front.
  • 1 jogging lap around field

Combination Two

  • Traveling lunges with kicks across field
  • Jump switches (ski jump) at end
  • Backwards jog
  • Triceps:  1 arm row, then extension, then combo of both, finishing with pulses to sky
  • Sprint across field, backwards jog back
  • Repeat series, this time with tricep work on other arm
  • 1 jogging lap around field

Combination Three

  • Oblique dips with weights:  Slow side to side, then just right/center, then just left/center, then faster side to side
  • Regular Plank
  • Twists side to side holding weight:  Slow, then just right/center, then just left/center, then faster side to side
  • Regular Plank, this time lifting right foot off ground for 10 seconds, then left for 10 seconds
  • 1 jogging lap around field

Combination Four

  • Two legged bounds across field
  • High knees in place
  • Two legged bounds back
  • High knees in place
  • Shoulder work:  Lateral raise/chest raise combo
  • 1 legged bounds (speed skate) across field
  • Speed skate in place
  • 1 legged bounds back
  • Speed skate in place
  • Shoulder work:  Rear deltoid raises
  • 1 jogging lap around

Combination Five

  • Abs:  Sit-backs – regular, then little pulses, then side to side
  • Abs:  Push legs out in front, then pull knees in, hands either up in front or on ground.  Hold at end and swim legs.
  • Abs:  Side Planks on each side
  • Abs:  Last regular plank, 1 minute.  Rolling front and back over toes.


This was a recycled class from Bootcamp Session 1, but shh – don’t tell.  I don’t think anybody noticed!

A couple last points for tonight:

1.  Shoulder update – thank you to all who keep asking.  My shoulder is feeling better this week.  Last week it straight out was hurting and was very painful.  This week I can feel it ache/a little tender, but it is nowhere near the level of hurting it was for the past two.  I didn’t modify when I taught Kix on Tuesday, and this morning I even used a set of… wait for it… THREE POUNDERS… for biceps and triceps.  I usually use tens or twelves.  Dammit, baby steps.  Anyways, I’m feeling hopeful.  I think it’s thanks to The Stick.

2.  This week I created a Fitness & Feta Facebook page!  Check it out.  I decided that once I reached my 50 posts or 50 followers goal I was going to stop linking to my private facebook account (definitely bogging down my personal page) and link instead to a public Fitness & Feta page.  Hopefully this will be better for advertising, once people “Like” it.  So go ahead, like my page on Facebook.  I dare ya!

Time for a glass of red wine (I really need it today) and the season premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Tim, Brett, and Jamie.  Have a great night everyone, it’s almost the weekend!