Last night was a buggy bootcamp class, but everyone worked hard through the mosquitoes!

I was loving some of the requests I got before class.  For example:

“I like leaving and feeling like I’m dying”

“Make class so hard that I hate your guts by the end.”

Here’s the workout, per the requests!  Note, we all stood in a big circle for most of the class.


  • 2 laps around the field
  • Upper & lower body stretch


Facing into the circle

  • V Step Runs in place:  Run in place right, left, right, left in the shape of a V
  • Lunges:  Left foot front, right foot back.  Lunge ten times, bringing the right foot to the left ankle between each lunge.  Then on the next lunges, bring the right leg up to a knee lift.  Keep the knee lift for the third set of ten, but this time add on a calf raise on the left.  The final set of ten lunges are lunge jumps.
  • Jumping jacks for thirty seconds
  • Everyone turn so the left side is facing into the circle.  Shuffle step into the circle, touch the ground, then shuffle step back out, touch the ground.  Repeat this shuffle for ten reps.
  • Repeat entire combination on other side.

Lap around the field


Count off every other person for two groups, everyone facing into the circle

  • All the 1’s assume position for overhead presses.  All the 2’s assume position for push-ups.  Everyone does eight reps of each, then switch for eight more reps.  Then seven of each, six, five, and so forth down to one rep of each.  This one is a killer for shoulders!
  • Jog in place.  Add arms reaching up and down, then do a mock chest press in and out.  Still jogging in place, alternate between punching fists up and then to the sides.  Finish with speed bag arms to the upper right, upper left, lower right, and lower left.


Keep the groups of 1’s and 2’s, everyone facing into the circle

  • All the 1’s hold a plank.  I gave an advanced option of adding a slight pelvis drop/lift, basically just lowering and lifting the hips about an inch.  While the 1’s hold the plank, the 2’s do hamstring curl jumps into the circle toward each other, then jog back to their starting place in the circle.  Repeat five times, then switch groups.
  • All the 1’s do plank twists (hold plank and alternate bringing the knees in to the opposite arm).  While the 1’s do the plank twists, the 2’s do knee push skips into the circle, then backwards jumping jacks to the start.  Repeat five times, then switch groups.
  • All the 1’s do plank hops side to side (hold plank and jump both feet to the right, slightly forward, then left).  While the 1’s do the plank hops, the 2’s do front kicks into the center of the circle, then high knees back to the start.

Lap around the field


  • Travel around the circle to the right doing moving squats.  While squatting, hold the weights palms up with elbows at waist side.  On the step out to the right, push (serve!) the weights forward, then on the step in with the left foot, pull the weights back, keeping elbows straight back.  Repeat all around the circle.
  • Ten regular bicep curls, ten pulses
  • Put the weights down and do crossover runs twice around the circle toward the right.
  • Repeat travel set of squats around the circle on the left.
  • Instead of bicep curls, do ten regular squats and ten squat pulses.
  • Repeat crossover runs to the left.


Everyone face to the side with right arm into the circle.

  • Hold right arm directly out to side, squeezing hand in a fist.  Left arm is up in front of the chest, in a protective kickboxing type fist.  Perform small circles front with the right arm, keeping it straight, then little circles back.
  • Keeping right arm up, alternate between back fists and palm hits.  Do these ten times.  (CBC anyone?)
  • Finish the work on the right arm with ten quick palm hits directly to the side.
  • Jump Rope combo:  Ten in place, ten side to side, ten front and back, ten in place
  • Repeat on other side


  • Stolen from Jen!  Lying on the ground, place the right arm on the ground straight out to the side.  Raise the left arm up as if shielding the sun.  Legs are straight out on the ground in front of the body, feet flexed.  Perform ten regular crunches, then ten more with the right arm shielding the sun as the left arm out to the side.
  • Then bring hands behind head, elbows in.  Do ten regular crunches, then ten with the right foot lifted, then ten with the left foot lifted.
  • Cross the right leg over the left knee and pull leg in as if doing a glute stretch.  Press both hands into the right thigh and lift upper back.  Hold ten seconds.  Repeat on other side.
  • Standing – Oblique drop / Knee lift, ten on each side.

Cooldown / Stretch

Can’t believe there are only three classes left!