I didn’t take any pictures during bootcamp Monday night because I tried to do as many of the exercises with the class as I could while safely instructing.  I didn’t have time for my own separate workout before or after class like usual since I was too busy streaking around the locker room at the Y.

Monday’s class focused on moves that target multiple muscles within one exercise.  If you feel like you are plateauing, try doing some combination moves – upper and lower body together.  Of course before you switch up your exercise routine you should consult with your doctor or certified professional!

Here’s the workout:


  • 4 jogging laps around the square I marked off with 4 corners
  • Upper body stretch
  • 4 jogging laps around the square in the other direction
  • Lower body stretch

Combination 1

  • Side Lunge + Single Bicep Curl.  Perform 10 side lunges to the right, with a bicep curl (weight in right hand) up toward the opposite shoulder each time the body sits into the lunge.  After 10, hold and pulse the weight 10 times.  Repeat for 10 more single side lunges and 10 bicep pulses.
  • From one side of the square to the other:  Sprint down, backwards jog back.  Repeat for 5 reps.
  • Once done sprinting, hold jumping jacks until everyone is done.
  • Canoe Abs:  Holding a weight out in front of the chest, twist torso and lower weight toward left hip, bring it up, and repeat down to the right.  Motion should mimic rowing a canoe.
  • Repeat entire combo on other side, except instead of sprinting do 5 reps of shuffles down to one end (leading with the right side) and back to the beginning (leading with the left side).


  • Indian Run:  Participants line up in a single line (or two lines if there are a lot of people).  Jogging around the square in that straight line, the back person sprints up to the front, yells go, and then the next “caboose” sprints up, yells go, and so on.

Combination 2

  • Plie squat + Oblique Shoulder Press.  Holding a weight in the right hand, perform a plie squat and press the weight up overhead and to the side (so you should be leaning to the left).  This works the shoulder and oblique at the same time.  Perform ten of these.
  • After ten presses, hold the plie squat down and do ten pulses (weight can just be held in front of the chest).  Pop the right heel and pulse ten more times.  Then pulse the left and pulse for a final ten.  **Insert groaning**
  • Repeat the 5 reps of sprint/backwards jogs from Combo 1.
  • Jump Rope until everyone has finished.
  • Repeat combo on the other side.  This time on the plie squat pulses, pulse with both heels popped.  Also substitute the shuffles for the sprint/back jogs.


  • Have everyone line up in one single line and then get in a plank.  Repeat the Indian Run so the last person sprints to the other end of the line, assumes plank position, and yells go.  Then the next person sprints, all while everyone is holding the plank.  AB KILLER.

Combination 3

  • Squat + Side Leg Lift + Lateral Raise.  Holding weights in both hands, do a regular squat down, but when raising back up to standing, left the right leg into a side leg lift.  At the same time the leg lifts, arms should raise directly to the sides.  Repeat 10 of these.  After 10, hold the squat for 10 seconds, then raise up and lift the leg again and pulse for 10 seconds.
  • Football runs in place.  Then add a jump switch, football run to one side, jump to the other side, continue the football run, etc.
  • Switch and do the combo on the other side.
  • Last set of 5 sprints and backward jogs.


  • Repeat the plank Indian run line

Combination 4

  • Calf Raises + Tricep Extensions.  Holding one weight overhead, raise into a calf raise and bring arms up.  Lower down, dipping the weight back down for the tricep dip.  Do 10 reps, then hold for 10 seconds.  Repeat the same on the second set.  For the third set, have toes pointing out in first position.
  • Jump switches.
  • 2 laps around the square in one direction, 2 laps the other way.

Ground Work

  • Glute presses.  Start on all fours, left knee is the support.  Flex the right foot and press up behind the body for ten reps.  Do another ten reps crossing the right knee over the left calf.  Finish with ten pulses straight up, hold, squeeze, lift higher, squeeze, and lift even higher.  **MEAN LOOKS FROM THE CLASS**
  • Repeat the glute presses on the other side.
  • Hold regular plank for 30 seconds.  Switch over to a side plank without coming down, hold for 10 seconds.  Back to regular plank for another 30.  Switch to the other side plank for 10.  Finish with a last 30 seconds of regular.
  • Finish ab work with crunch series.  10 single crunches, 10 pulses.  Repeat that for 3 different sets.


Only one class left of this session!  I can’t believe it!

Question of the day:  What is your favorite exercise that combines both lower and upper body muscle work?