Morning, folks.

Wanna know another thing I love about fall/October?

There are so many fairs & festivals going on.

This past weekend Tim & I went to the Boston Local Food Festival on the Boston Waterfront at Fort Point Channel.

From the website:

The Boston Local Food Festival, which will overlook the historic Boston Harbor, is an outdoor autumn celebration of the many virtues of locally grown and produced food. The Festival will showcase the wide diversity of our local and New England food system, by spotlighting local farmers, food businesses, local food and health organizations. The intention is to inspire the growing and eating of Massachusetts grown food, with a special emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

The most important objective of the Boston Local Food Festival is to increase accessibility and availability of healthy local food for all. Massachusetts eaters of all ages, races, and socioeconomic levels will see, taste, and appreciate the variety of healthy, delicious food choices that local specialty crops and products make available to them in their own back yard. This unique festival will bring Massachusetts farms together with individuals and families from diverse backgrounds, organizations, businesses, and local food advocates in an informative and fun way.

This was totally up my alley.

We spent the afternoon sampling so many different things!  Milk, veggies, hummus, jams, bbq sauce, fruit, pita chips, seaweed, hand lotions, cider – you name it, we tried it!  There were exhibits about gardening, nutrition, health, cooking, and exercise.  Several stations gave away recipes – I collected so many and am so excited to try them (and of course blog about them).  There were cooking and butcher demonstrations held throughout the day.  At the one we watched, we learned how to cut up a whole chicken!  The music and entertainment was really cool too.  We caught some belly dancers, martial arts demonstrations, and a live reggae band.  There was also a beer tasting, but the tickets sold out for that before we could check it out.

And of course I collected every single pamphlet, business card (potential blogging connections!), and free magazine out there.  Tim is a SAINT for dealing with this:

Free stuff just makes me happy!  Clearly.

Some picture highlights:

Look how much sugar each of these products has! Gross!

For the full collection of photos, you can click this link and check them out!

This was a great time, and I’m so glad I ended up going.

Question of the day:  Do you have any favorite fall fairs/festivals?  Share!