The weekend before Valentine’s Day, my amazing gym friend Liz threw a tri-bachelorette party for me and two of the other gym girls getting married in 2015. How nice is that?! She called it the Buff Babes Bachelorette party, and the whole day was full of us gym girls’ favorite things: fitness and food!

Buff Babes Bachelorette

Our first stop was at The Club by George Forman III for a private fitness class. I’ve wanted to try a class at The Club for a while now, so I was psyched! The Club is a boxing fitness studio located on Channel Center Street in Boston. It has both a cardio and weight room, personal training, a wide variety of Box Fiit classes, fighters barre, fighters cycle, fighters yoga, and a TON more. If you are looking for a place that seriously offers it all under one roof, this is it.

Buff Babes Bachelorette: The Club

When we arrived, Liz gave each of the bachelorettes a fun party bag that had tanks to wear during the workout and beads, crowns, and sashes to wear later on. How cute are these shirts?!

Buff Babes Bachelorette: Shirts

Up first was thirty minutes of Bags and Beats, a class Liz has been raving about since she first tried it. Our instructor Alex led us through choreographed boxing combinations on the bags. It was awesome and brought me back to the boxing classes I used to take at home back in the day. After thirty minutes, we were drenched in sweat! Check out some of the videos Liz took during the class:

After we finished up with Bags and Beats, we moved on to do a big circuit in the middle of the gym. We used everything from the row machines and spin bikes to batting ropes, kettlebells, suspension straps, and more. This class is called Box Fiit 360, and the format is typically done with 12 stations, 2 minute rounds at each station, for a 36 minute workout. Here’s another video glimpse at us action:

We finished with some fun medicine ball work as a group (the same stuff I taught the other day in my Valentine’s Day partner class) and a fun group pic in the middle of the ring.

Buff Babes Bachelorette: The Club by George Forman III

After our workout was done, we headed to the locker room to shower and get ready to go out. Snacks and champagne in the locker room? Don’t mind us!

Buff Babes Bachelorette: Locker Room Snacks

After we got all prettied up, we put our stuff back in our cars and headed down the street to Tavern Road for dinner. We had a huge table in the middle of the restaurant to seat all of us. The first thing I noticed after sitting down was the personalized dinner menu Liz worked with the restaurant to create. So awesome!

Buff Babes Bachelorette: Tavern Road

We ordered drinks (the Stay Classy was to die for!), and the small plates and sides came out for everyone to share. I ordered the chicken and mushroom crepinette for my meal and the chocolate molten cake for dessert. Everything was cooked perfectly, and I would definitely go back for dinner at Tavern Road again.

Tavern Road Food

I had so much fun with all the girls at dinner. We always have so much to talk about and laugh about! I feel very lucky to have this group of ladies in my life. I don’t know many other people who even have such a great group of friends from the gym, nevermind a group that plans a whole gym themed bachelorette party for them!

Buff Babes Bachelorette: Tavern Road

After dinner, some of the girls headed home while the rest of us continued on for one more drink at Barlow’s. Mary, Jess, and I ordered bubbly, and we stayed out for probably about another hour before heading home. I definitely went to bed that night feeling very happy! A big thank you to all my gym friends who came out to celebrate Aloisia, Dani, and me, and an especially big thanks to Liz for planning such a wonderful day. Every detail was perfect!

Readers, let’s chat! Have you ever been to a fitness themed bachelorette party? What did it entail? Have any of you taken a class or trained at The Club before? 

Can’t wait to try more classes there!