For the first time in my professional career, I am taking over a week off this summer.


I’m lucky to work at a company that offers a lot of vacation time.  But I’ve always used the time for random days here and there, long weekends, or trips that go from the end of one week over a weekend into the next.  Never more than a full week off from the office.

And this year I took July 4th – July 15th off.  Woo!!

No big flights or trips to worry about.  I honestly am so excited to just RELAX.  I will be heading down the Cape for a week… to do NOTHING.

I’ll also be unplugging.

That being said, I will not be blogging over the course of my vacation but I DO want to leave Fitness & Feta up and running while I’m gone.  I have a couple of guest bloggers already lined up, but if you are interested in contributing something please email me at  Can’t promise I’ll post everything that comes my way, but I can try!

Are you interested in writing a guest post?  Send me your ideas!