I got some good feedback on my Burn & Build class yesterday.  I did a combination of cardio kickboxing routines and strength moves with the band.

It was nice to use the band instead of free weights so we could switch it up a bit for our muscles.

Here’s the workout:



  • Shuffle jumps.  Alternate between facing front and facing side (left).  Do 8 in each direction, then 4, then 2, then singles.
  • Hold the shuffle jump facing left.  Then jab the right arm to the front of the room.  Do 16 jab punches while keeping the shuffle jump.
  • Add in a left cross punch:  Jab right, cross punch left, then jump back.  Or just step the right foot in.  So it’s jab, cross, jump or step it back for 16 reps.
  • Return to just the jab punches.
  • Return to just the shuffle jumps, facing front again.
  • Add 4 traveling shuffle/jab punches to the right.  Then 2 cross punches left, 2 hook punches right, and a traveling bob & weave to the left – back to the starting point.  Repeat 8 times through.
  • Then hold the bob & weave in place.


  • Add alternating jab punches to the bob & weave.  Then slowly bring the bob & weave more upright.
  • Do 8 alternating jab punches to the diagonals, then hold 8 on the right, then 8 on the left.
  • Do 8 alternating cross body punches – side to side, then hold 8 on the right, then 8 on the left.
  • Do 8 hook alternating hook punches, then hold 8 on the right, then 8 on the left.
  • Do 8 upper cut alternating punches, then hold 8 on the right, then 8 on the left.
  • Go right into jumping jacks.  Do 16, then add jabs to the front (turning your body to each side) for a jack & jab combo – 16 more.


  • BICEPS:  Place band underneath feet and hold ends in each hand.  Perform regular bicep curls.  We did 8 slow with both hands, then did 16 alternating singles between right right and left.  Finish with both arms doing 8 single bicep curls, then 8 counts of pulses with arms halfway.
  • TRICEPS:  One arm at a time.  Hold the band in your right hand first, and let the other end of the band rest on the floor.  Step on the end of the band that’s on the floor with the left foot, then step the right foot slightly in front of the left.  Raise the right arm up overhead and do 8 slow overhead extensions, then 16 fast.  At the end, hold the arm up and squeeze for 8 seconds, then hold it halfway and squeeze for 8 seconds, then do 8 more seconds of pulsing.  Repeat with the other arm.
  • LEGS:  Place band underneath feet and hold ends in each hand, palms facing forward with hands right above shoulders.  Squat down & raise up for 8 slow squats, 16 faster squats, and 8 pulses.
  • SHOULDERS:  Keeping the band underneath feet and still holding the ends in each hand, raise arms up directly to the side for lateral raises.  Keep the arms in line with the shoulders.  We did alternating single lifts for 16, then 8 with both arms raising at the same time.
  • CHEST:  This was my fail move of the class!  Tried to do chest presses with the band wrapped around our midsections but I didn’t realize the bands were going to be too short.  Darn.  Instead I improvised and had the class drop down to do 10 pushups, hold a plank for 10 seconds, and then do 10 hand taps in a pushup position.  In retrospect, I should have had the class wrap the bands around their back for pushups with the band resistance.  Next time!
  • BACK:  With band under the feet again, hold an end in each hand, then cross the arms.  Bend over so back is flat, then do a bent over back fly.  Starting with 16 singles and finishing with 8 together.


  • Repeat cardio set #1, but on the other side.


  • From the bob and weave, move into ski jumps side to side.  We did 16 total.
  • From there, kick combo.  Kick front with the right leg and back with the left leg.  We did 4 sets of 8.
  • Jumping Jacks – 3 sets of 8.
  • Kick combo again, this time kicking front with the left leg and back with the right leg.  Again do 4 sets of 8.
  • 3 sets of 8 jumping jacks again.
  • Finish with football runners in place.  Do 30 seconds of just the legs.  Then stop the legs and do 30 seconds of just pumping the arms.  Then combine both and do 30 seconds of legs and arms together as fast as you can.


  • BICEPS:  Band under feet, hold end of band in each hand.  Alternating arms, bring hand to opposite shoulder across the body.  The palm will start down by your side facing front and by the end of the move will be facing the opposite shoulder.  Did 8 alternating, then 8 on each side.
  • TRICEPS:  Band should be under one foot – start with it under the left.  Holding both ends of the band in the right hand, extend arm backwards.  Do 3 sets of 8 and finish with the palm facing the ceiling and pulsing up.
  • LEGS:  Lunges.  Band should be under the front foot, hands should be up by the shoulders with palms front like they were for squats.  8 slow lunges, 16 faster, 8 pulses.  Repeat on other foot.
  • SHOULDERS:  Band under both feet, ends of band in hands with palms forward.  Overhead presses, keeping elbows in line with the shoulders.  We did 16 total.
  • BACK:  Sitting on ground with feet directly in front of body, wrap the band around the sneakers.  Hold ends of band in each hand and then cross the arms.  Do a seated row, squeezing the arms back.  We did 16 total.
  • OUTER THIGH:  Keeping band wrapped around feet, lie down on the mat on back.  Bring legs in the air directly over hips.  Open and close legs working against the band.  3 sets of 8, then 8 pulses.


  • SITBACKS:  Sitting up with feet in front of body, heels on ground.  Bring body back but not all the way down, then sit back up.  Do this for 3 sets of 8, then hold body back.  Raise feet off ground, then twist side to side for obliques for 16.
  • CRUNCHES:  Regular crunches (3 sets of 8), then hold the crunch up for 8, and pulse for 8.  Do this with feet on the floor, then knees up over hips, then legs straight in the air.
  • ROPE CLIMB:  Feet still straight in the air, reach arm to opposite foot like you are climbing a rope.  Do this for 1 full minute.
  • PILATES MOVE:  Lying on the back with arms overhead, bring body to sitting (arms still overhead), round over and reach for the feet, bring body back to sitting (arms come back overhead), then roll down slowly through the back – back to starting position.  Do this 10 times.
  • PLANK:  Hold regular plank for 1 full minute.

I’m super sore today, so I’m going to try to head to yoga on my lunch break to stretch out my muscles and give them a break.

Happy Friday!