Yesterday my dad turned 57.  Crazy huh?

My family went out to dinner at O’Hara’s in Newton to celebrate.  Eating out on a Monday night after a week’s worth of meals out while traveling and a food filled weekend was tough, but I was glad that Chuck Krackers wanted to try somewhere new that wasn’t The Aegean, Luigi’s, Grassfields, or Demo’s (my family’s tried and true).  Tim and I love O’Hara’s and it’s actually really close to our apartments, so it worked out well.

I ordered the Key West Salmon which was grilled salmon with lemon, basil, and thyme.  I substituted a side of broccoli instead of a potato product and I also got a side salad with balsamic dressing.

It took a lot of willpower to leave some salmon behind to top my lunch’s salad today.  But now I’m excited I did.

For dessert we ordered two slices of oreo cake for everyone to share.

Happy Birthday Chuck!

I am DEFINITELY ready to get back into the workout grind.  Just planned another fun filled Swiss Ball Theme class for tonight.  My mom will be making a guest appearance too with her BuyWithMe YMCA pass.

Have a great Tuesday!  🙂