Morning!  Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Before I get into mine, here’s some more Colorado recapping for you.  If you’ve missed my last recaps, here they are:

Back to Pearl Street

So you guys already know all about Pearl Street from my first recap.  On Friday while we walked around, we made note of what bars seemed like fun to come back and try on Saturday night.

Here’s the rundown!

Our first stop was a place called Pasta Jay’s.  This restaurant caught my eye because of the red and white tablecloths but it’s really homey vibe.

This also had an outdoor patio and seemed like the perfect spot for a relaxing dinner.  This was our view:

We ordered lots of Chianti to start.

Then looked over the menu.

Pizza was calling our name!

We ordered the Katerina, which is NOT the same as Katrina!  Shrimp with pesto, red onions, and gorgonzola.

It was yummy, but VERY oily.  I wiped off a lot of that oil before eating my slices.  We aren’t used to eating pizza out since we make it so much at home!

I also ordered a side salad.

I loved the atmosphere at Pasta Jay’s!

After dinner, we crossed the street and went to stop #2, Centro.

Check out that super cool patio!  I know I probably seem like a broken record, but I seriously cannot get over all the outdoor patios.  And this one had such a cool vibe.  We weren’t craving any kind of Latin food, but mojitos sounded good to us!

Regular for Tim, pomegranate for me.  YUMMY!

After slurping down those mojitos, this happened:

There’s a one mojito limit for this girl.

Our last stop was a place called The Lazy Dog.

Doesn’t look like anything special from the outside, buuuut there was a huge roofdeck.  Sold.  I didn’t snap a photo of it, but this is from their website.  It wasn’t daytime when we went, but you get the idea.

Because we already had wine, and I wasn’t allowed any more mojitos, beers it was.

I ordered a Kinda Blue, because I loved it so much at the Boulder Brewing Company the night before!  I honestly couldn’t finish it though, I was too full.  Before we left, we checked out the band downstairs (Dr. Phil Good) and they were actually pretty awesome.  We jammed for a little, then took a cab back to our hotel (only a ten minute drive away), and went to bed.

Token awk pic of me on the way out:

Wish we could have tried EVERY bar and restaurant on Pearl Street, but we’ll just have to go back for me.  I’m pleased with the ones we did try!  We had a good night!

Which of the three places we went to do you think you would have liked the best!?  Italian with a cute atmosphere, funky Latin American kitchen, or sports bar with a band and roofdeck?

I’m heading out kayaking with Tim, Katrina, and Geoff.  It’s Geoff’s birthday today, so we’re starting the day off right with a fun (and also active!) outdoor activity.  Happy Birthday, Geoff!!!