Conquer Your Cravings





Discover the nutritional must-knows to stop mindless snacking, bust through the willpower myth, and become the healthiest version of you, inside and out

Date: Thursday 1/24
Time: 7:00pm EST

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During this free LIVE class, you will:

  • Learn what the different types of cravings are and pinpoint how they are detrimental to your fitness goals, even if you are crushing it in the gym!

  • Understand the exact reasons why you might be getting cravings in the first place that have nothing to do with you being a failure – there's nothing "wrong" with you for experiencing them, there are just a few tweaks you likely need to make!

  • Identify how to better navigate your day-to-day so that you feel in control around food instead of the other way around and can reduce your snacking, especially at night.

  • Discover why resolving to have more willpower is not an effective nutrition strategy – you'll learn what you can do instead in order to conquer your cravings for good!

This Webinar Starts In:

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Hi, I'm Athena, a women's fitness and lifestyle coach who helps time-strapped women who feel stuck break free from perfectionism, ditch dieting, and step into their most fit, confident, and empowered selves.

I went through years of trying to cut carbs, eat less, and rely on willpower because I thought that's what needed to be done in order to be healthy. Turns out, that strategy wasn't actually me "doing everything right." Instead it's what lead me to have an unhealthy, DISempowered relationship with food, uncontrollable cravings included.

I learned a much more simple and sustainable way, and today I help my clients who struggle with snacking learn actual doable strategies for mindfulness and moderation so they can become empowered eaters too. I am so excited to bring you this free training to help you get started with becoming your healthiest self!

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If you are someone who:

  • Has no problem eating healthy during the day, but struggles with strong cravings or snacking in the afternoons or evenings...

  • Eats when you're bored, stressed, or even sometimes for no good reason...

  • Finds it difficult to resist temptations when in social settings or out to eat...

Then you won't want to miss out on this! It's the perfect topic to start your New Year on the right foot when it comes to your nutrition goals. Plus, on the webinar, I'll be answering your questions LIVE.

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