Cozy Eats Collection

A collection of warm and hearty meals that pack a protein + fiber punch!

As the seasons change, it’s completely normal for our palettes to change as well. Not many people crave as many cold smoothies, cucumber salads, or grilled seafood dinners when it’s cold out. Just like you don’t really crave a hot bowl of soup on a 90 degree summer day!

If you can relate, once late fall rolls around, and as the days start getting colder and darker – at least here in New England – you probably want to cozy up on the couch with some warmer and heartier meals.

You want comfort foods!

“But, isn’t comfort food bad for you?”


That’s just diet culture and mainstream fitness messaging at play: making you feel like you’re doing something SO wrong just because you want to eat something that’s not lettuce.

Some comfort foods have higher nutritional value than others, that’s all, and there’s no moral value tied to that whatsoever.

When you download your Cozy Eats Collection, you’ll get 10 of my family’s go to comfort meals for chillier seasons when we just want something warm and cozy AND we are choosing to build our meals in a way that we know will leave us feeling satisfied and satiated, but not overly stuffed. 

Hi, I’m Athena.

I’m an ACSM certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition nutrition coach, the owner and founder of Achieve with Athena, and the creator of Cozy Eats.

In my coaching business, I have helped hundreds of high-achieving women create an intentional, empowered, and practical approach to fitness and nutrition so they can get strong, increase their confidence, and live their lives more fully and freely – without being bogged down by perfectionism, overwhelm, and diet culture influences.

This includes helping my clients actually ENJOY how they eat all while supporting their efforts in the gym!

I created Cozy Eats to provide you with a collection of ‘comfort food’ ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that support various wellness goals: feeling more energized, refueling from high intensity workouts, progressing with physique goals, and/or improving overall health.


Oh, and I promise these meals will not have you eating like a bird! I’m not a 1200 calorie a day kinda gal, no way.


In order to feel your best, perform your best, and THRIVE, you have to eat –– probably more than you actually think!

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