Morning! I recently realized I haven’t shared any playlists in a while, with the exception of themed ones. Go figure. Here are the workout playlists I’m currently rotating through at the gym. Hopefully some of you can jazz up your workouts with some of these songs:

December 2013 Workout Playlist

January 2014 Playlist

January 2014 Workout Playlist

February 2014 Playlist

For classes I teach, I typically make one or two new playlists a month to keep my classes fresh and exciting. I’ll play them a few times and then go back to an old one in my collection before making another new one. For workouts I do on my own, I just put all my workout playlists on shuffle and see what happens. The songs I leave on usually depend on my mood or what kind of workout I’m doing.

For past workout playlists, browse through my playlist category page!

–Let’s chat–
What’s your favorite kind of music to exercise to? Does it depend on the type of workout you’re doing? Class members, do you have any song requests for my March playlist?

I’m excited to attend a networking event at the BCAE tonight, a panel discussion on success and happiness in the health and wellness industry. I am looking forward to connecting with other Boston-based professionals who share my passion. A huge thanks to Erin and Caroline for letting me know about it!