Over Columbus Day weekend, Tim and I spent a day doing fun fall things.  Originally our fall day of fun was going to be that Saturday, but it was unusually warm and we ended up downtown at the first annual Boston Seafood Festival instead.  Sunday ended up being much cooler, so since it actually felt like fall we decided to go apple picking then instead.  It has to be cool out to go apple picking, don’t you think?  We ended up at Smolak Farms in North Andover.  We were able to fill a bag of apples, but a lot of the apple selection was picked over and we were laughing as we were walking through fields of empty trees watching people complain and complain about the lack of apples.  Maybe if these families took it upon themselves to walk a little toward the trees in the BACK, they would a) get some extra exercise, b) find the apples.  We also laughed about the pitchfork things they handed out to get the apples from the tops of trees.  I’ve never seen an apple picking place give these out before.  Do people not climb the trees any more to get the apples from the top?  Isn’t that the fun part?  For the record, I marched around with that pitchfork thing like I owned the crap outta that apple orchard while Tim proceeded to climb for apples.  After we had our apple fix, we spent some time browsing in the Smolack farm shop and drinking apple cider.  And then on the way home we went on a fun produce buying spree at Wilson’s Farm in Lexington.  If you’ve never been to Wilson’s Farm, you must go.  Their produce is awesome and everything there was full of fall awesomeness.

Here’s a picture summary of our day:

All in all, a very fun and low-key fall day.  It was just what I needed that weekend.  And you know what that means… lots of apple recipes to come!

What’s your idea of the perfect fall day of fun?  Did you go apple picking this year?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and I hope to see you on Sunday at the Oak Scare 5k Road Race & Health Fair!