Last night I had an early birthday dinner with my family.  We went to John Brewer’s Tavern in Waltham.  We were supposed to go tonight, but Irene was scaring everyone so we rescheduled for Saturday.  If we didn’t get dinner in this weekend, we wouldn’t have a day to do it until October between my crazy September schedule and my parents’ upcoming vacation.  Kinda crazy.

I chose John Brewer’s because it was a good ‘in the middle’ option between Wilmington and Brighton.  Also, I’ve driven by that restaurant a thousand times and always thought to myself, “I wonder how that restaurant is.”  I never actually remember to try it out so I was glad it crossed my mind when deciding on options.  Ideally I wanted to sit outside somewhere but Irene ruined that idea too.

My meal was good – I got a grilled chicken and portabella sandwich with a Greek pasta salad on the side.  And a pickle.  We had good service and the atmosphere was decent – nothing special.  It was actually exactly how I pictured it to be, typical tavern.  Their beer selection looked pretty cool, but I left the beer to another non-hangover day or night.

My family ordered a slice of cake in honor of the big tw0 six and they brought out a whole one!  I had a sliver. And brought the rest home for Tim, Brett, and Joe.

True to form, my presents were all health or fitness related.  My brother got me a gift card to Olympia Sports, my sister got me a Rachel Ray cookbook, and my parents gave me some money and a really cute workout tank from Victoria Secret’s Yoga Line.

Thanks family!