Greetings from the sky! 

I am currently on a plane heading to Colorado.  Tim was out there this week for work (in Vail), so we decided to make a long weekend out of it.  He is meeting me at Denver Airport, we will be spending two nights in Boulder, one night in Denver, then flying home on Monday.  It’s a nice little getaway, especially since all we have to pay for is splitting the cost of my flight home.  And whatever activities we decide to do of course.  Our hotel nights are all free because we’ve racked up enough Marriott points from traveling for work in the past year.  It’s pretty awesome!  Plus, I have two $50 American Express gift cards that I’ve won as part of the Around the Plate Writer’s Club.  I can’t wait to put them to good use.

That being said, no live blogging for me, but don’t fret!  I do have my usual Words for the Weekend post, a new recipe, and my Weekly Workouts post all scheduled to run while I am out-of-town.

And this one, of course!

Father’s Day in Marina Bay

As you guys know, this Sunday was Father’s Day.  In case you missed my gift ideas for healthy dads post, check it out here!  Maybe it will come in handy next year or for another occasion.

This year for Father’s Day, my family spent the afternoon in Quincy.  I have to laugh because my parents are known to go to the same restaurants over and over (think Aegean, Grassfields, and Luigis), but I have to give them credit because this year it seems like they’ve branched out a lot more!  A couple of weeks ago I know they went walking around Marina Bay, and they had such a nice time that my dad wanted to go back for Father’s Day.

So to Marina Bay we went!

First on the itinerary was lunch at a restaurant called Port 305.

We sat outside with a really pretty view of the water.

It was nice, but our table was in the shade and by the end of our meal I was FREEZING!  Seriously shivering.

For my meal, I ordered a grilled chicken club on wheat with no mayo.  And a side of grilled asparagus instead of fries.

Was pretty much what you would expect for a chicken club.

After we finished up lunch, we needed to warm up!  So we walked around the dock for a bit and enjoyed the sunshine.

That’s me with my dad!

After my dad opened his presents right there on a bench (haha!), we couldn’t decide whether to get a drink or get some ice cream.

Clearly I was happy with our decision.  And my fat-free, sugar-free black raspberry was delicious.  Uncle George, if you are reading this, my mom told me at least five times during my eating of my single scoop that you love black raspberry too.  So here’s to black raspberry!!

After we finished up at Marina Bay, we drove over and parked at Wollaston Beach where we proceeded to then walk off our ice cream.

I’ve driven by Wollaston Beach before to get to Nantasket, but I’ve never walked along it before.  It was nice!  Especially with a nice view of Boston in the background.

I’d say we got about 1.5 miles of walking in.  It was a nice time.  Hope you enjoyed your day, Dad!

How did you guys celebrate Father’s Day last weekend?  Have any of you been to Marina Bay or Wollaston Beach?

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I’ll be hiking, sightseeing, and exploring Colorado!  I can’t wait!