Time for another round of Friday Favorites! Last week, one of my friends told me that she loves reading F&F Friday Favorites when she wakes up on Saturday mornings. Another friend of mine opens all the links that interest her when she gets to work on Friday mornings, and then slowly reads them throughout the day.

I’m wondering, when do you guys like to dive into my weekly link love roundup?

Just curious. 🙂

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Readers, let’s chat! What links are you loving this week? And as always, what was the best part of your week? What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Best part of my week was being snowed in! Had so much fun just being at home. This weekend we are hosting a party for our bridesmaids and groomsmen + their dates so they can all meet and mingle ahead of time. This way no date has to worry about not knowing anyone on the shuttle and our maids/men can get to know each other before having to link arms and do some awk dance move into our reception. As a self-proclaimed professional wedding goer, this is very important. I can’t wait!