Hello! It’s moving day over here. We picked up the truck at 8 this morning, and headed right over to Tim’s sister’s apartment. She is also in the middle of a move and is lending us a bunch of her furniture so she doesn’t have to put it in storage. My uncle met us over there to move that stuff from Katie’s and into our new place first. Part one is done! We’re off to grab some food, then we’re back to tackle part two: all the furniture in our current place, plus all our packed up boxes. We are happy we technically have until May 31st to be completely out of here, as it gives us time to clean, go through the basement, etc.

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Readers, let’s chat! What was the best part of your week, and what’s up for the weekend?

Best part of my week was the lunch date I had with Tim yesterday downtown. This weekend is not only moving craziness, but our friends Brett and Jamie’s bridal shower, my grandmother’s five year memorial service, etc. I am so happy I have next Monday off from work as well!