Hey guys. Tim and I were supposed to leave bright and early for Newport this morning to enjoy the beautiful day before his cousin’s wedding tonight, but he got stranded in Nashville on his work trip last night and now doesn’t land until late this morning. I am so bummed that we are losing a whole day of our three day getaway plan, especially since we haven’t had a getaway in the longest time and today looks to be the nicest weather of the three. Of course Sunday looks like rain. Sigh. Nothing we can do about it, but I’m just grumpy.

Before we get into Friday Favorites, some housekeeping:

–If you subscribe to F&F in a reader, check your RSS feed. Some of you reported not seeing blog posts ever since something updated in the background. You might have to re-add my site to get the latest updates? Not sure.

–I also wanted to let you guys know that the ClassPass deal I mentioned on Tuesday ($50 off your membership if you sign up via my referral link) was extended through today. If you missed it earlier this week, it’s not too late!

–Finally, I wanted to say that it feels great to be back to blogging this week! If you missed any posts, here you go:

And now you get your links (thought some of you were truly mad at me last week for leaving you stranded without any Friday reading material!). Enjoy!

Friday Favorites




Self Image, Life, and Inspiration

Readers, let’s chat! What was the best part of your week, and what’s up for the weekend?

Best part of my week was booking our honeymoon. We decided we are going to Aruba! Putting in my 11 full days off (over two week) via work vacation request was pretty thrilling too. 🙂