Happy Friday!

Since this week has been extra busy at work for me, I’ve fallen behind on my personal email, and therefore missed the update about the next New Balance Girls Night Out event. It’s taking place next Thursday, but the event is full already. I’m sorry I didn’t have the update for you guys in time! I am skipping out on this one so that I can do a fun run after work.

This week on F&F I posted about one of my go to summer party appetizers as well as a new workout/workout outfit. Check out the posts if you missed them, then continue on with your weekly reads.

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Readers, let’s chat! What was the best part of your week, and what are you up to this weekend?

The best part of my week was a fun fitness date with Ashley and Mary on Wednesday at B/Spoke and coming home to Tim, the couch, a beer, and a bingefest of 24 last night after a super long day. This weekend the only thing we have definitely planned is marriage prep class tomorrow… should be interesting! Have an awesome weekend, friends!