I’ve gone a few weeks without posting Friday Favorites. I’m back today! Enjoy!

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Readers, let’s chat! What was the best part of your week? What’s up for the weekend? 

The best part of my week was knowing that my Papou is okay. He was rushed to Brigham and Women’s last weekend after being found unresponsive on his porch. Things weren’t looking so good, and I am so thankful that however he pulled through, he did. He is my only living grandparent left, and I know that someone was definitely watching over our family this week (thank you, Yiayia). <3

Other highlights from the week include Brett and Jamie’s wedding weekend (okay, I guess that was last week), finally finishing my bridal shower thank you notes (boy do those take a long time to write!), and finally feeling like I’m improving in yoga class (winning). I also loved all the positive feedback from you guys about my post on Monday. If you missed it, check out this letter to a girl I overheard last week saying she was too fat to run.

This weekend we have my bestie’s 30th birthday party, and then a ton of wedding stuff to do. We’re in detail mode and less than two months out! Have a good one friends!