Good morning!

This week I tackled one of my blog/social media projects that’s been on the good old to do list for a long time: Pinterest! I’ve had an F&F Pinterest page for a couple of years, but it was never carefully organized, and it was definitely really outdated. Well this week I had some time to create boards for all my different types of workouts and recipes so that they are easy to navigate and find. I think you guys are going to like it!


Right now the majority of my pins are my content, but moving forward I will be pinning more from other bloggers too. Do me a favor guys, click on over and follow me if you aren’t already!

For those of you who are just catching up on my posts from the week, here you go:

And now, your weekly reads! Some good ones in here today!

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–Let’s chat–
What’s going on in your worlds? Anyone working on any kind of project, whether it’s something at work, your home, a hobby, etc.? What’s up for the weekend?

It’s a long weekend for me! So far it’s looking like Lion King tonight > wedding dress shopping tomorrow (eek) > our friends’ baby’s baptism on Sunday, and free on Monday.