Oops! Looks like this post never went up as scheduled this morning. Not sure why? Anyways, here you go…

Good morning! I’m feeling pretty happy today. Yesterday’s health and wellness fair at work went incredibly well, and I’m off to Boston Mania today. I’m sure lots of recapping will happen next week, but for now please enjoy my Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites



  • A must read, along with all the supporting links. Go Kaleo’s thoughts on controversial topics, twitterized.
  • 10 common mistakes that prevent you from being happy and healthy. Are you making any?
  • Looking for any new healthy living bloggers to add to your reading list? Here’s a list of 50 bloggers making a difference in fitness, health, and happiness from Greatist. I was happy to see many of my favorites on this list.


  • This aerobics video is AMAZING. Please watch it over and over and giggle like I did.
  • This video is much more respectable. And it made me miss tap dancing. A lot.
  • Why wouldn’t you want to read about life lessons from Buddy the Elf?
  • Anyone else been eating their apples wrong?
  • I wish I could do squats to pay my train fare. This is awesome!

Share your favorite links in the comments if you want.

Happy *almost* weekend, you guys!