Yay, Friday! Today wraps up two weeks of nonstop presenting at work and the start of my life slowly becoming a little less hectic. My weekend is going to consist of some type of Christmas activity with Tim tonight, Saturday morning workout (gym friends, any ideas?), home friends Christmas party, and last-minute shopping/wrapping on Sunday. What are you guys up to? Any suggestions for a fun holiday date night? I would love to hear your ideas.

In the meantime, here are my faves from this week. Enjoy!


Friday Favorites



  • Why do you train? Read this post, and then think about it.
  • How much exercise is enough? How much is too much? Everyone’s different, but there’s a lot of good tidbits in this post.
  • Do you run through the winter? Here are some recommendations for gloves to keep you warm while running outside this winter.
  • HIIT: What it is, and why it really does work.
  • Some kettlebell moves from Jen! Yay!
  • Julie compiled a nice list of workout music resources for fitness instructors. Fellow teachers, check it out!
  • Looking for some new ways to change up your workouts? This post has some solid tips for getting the results you want.

Some other stuff

You guys didn’t have too much to send my way this week, but here are a couple of things:

Slesh sent me this ALARMING article about bananas.

And Ashley sent me this picture, for obvious reasons.


Have a great weekend, you guys!