Before I get into my favorites from the week, I have some fun blog news to share with you guys. If you follow my F&F Facebook page or are on my newsletter mailing list, then you may have already seen this announcement, but Fitness & Feta was voted as the 2013 Blog of the Year and Recipe Guru on Around the Plate!


Every year Around the Plate hosts “thePlate Blog Awards” for their community of bloggers, and I am so honored that you guys voted for me. Seriously, so cool. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ok, now I can share my favorite finds with you.

Friday Favorites

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:



Stress Less


And here’s what some of you have sent in:

  • Patrice shared these 10 stats about Twitter to help you reach more followers. Helpful!
  • Jen R shared a link to this Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. I have one of these (a little different, but same concept) at home. I use it for blogging and working from home, and it definitely helps my posture!
  • Liz shared this article about exercise as preventive medicine for dementia as people age.
  • Shannon sent my group at work an article in Greatist about the unfortunate side effects of exercise. I found myself nodding to each one. For my fellow exercise freaks, a must read.

Reading anything good this week? If so, email your finds to me at I would love to share with my readers too!

On tap for my weekend:

  • Christmas shopping (I’m so behind)
  • Prepping a festive appetizer and dessert for Saturday
  • First family Christmas party of the season at my uncle’s house
  • CPR re-certification class

Enjoy yours!